Thursday, 6 October 2011

3 Weeks Ago - Makeup Week: Day Four

Makeup Week: Day Four

Nearly at the end of my work week wearing makeup and I am getting sick of it! I kinda cheated today and went totally minimal with just mascara, blush and the lightest kiss of eyeshadow. I had been wearing foundationy powdery stuff every day to be 'realistic' but it's annoying and I truly hate it. I have excellent skin (not bragging, just owning the facts - and I have stubby fingers, just so you know I'm not stuckup) and I definitely think that face cakey stuff makes my face look less attractive rather than more. I'm well aware that since I'm using a powdery stuff I have no idea how to use in a colour that's way too dark for my skin there's no way it will look good, but I have had all that business done once by a professional and there was nary a difference except me feeling stifled!

So today was a cheaty recovery day. How crazy is it that I struggle to even last a working week wearing makeup every day? I'm mighty grateful for it, too, as I don't think it's all too common, sadly.

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