Thursday, 6 October 2011

3 Weeks Ago - Makeup Week: Day One

Makeup Week: Day One

I was late to work because I was putting on my makeup. I’m normally late to work (trying to remedy it) but today I would’ve been on time if not for the makeup. What was the makeup? Brown eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, pink lipgloss, pink blush and powder that doesn’t match my skintone(but that’s ok cos I have no idea how to apply it so I just sort of brush it here and there and try to cover my supposed “blemishes”). What do I usually wear? Lip balm. I am no stranger to wearing makeup, but my preference is for obvious, flashy costume style that involves no foundation or concealer over a “face” of makeup or the “natural” look.

I’m meant to be sleeping so I wake up in time to do makeup again, so I’ll explain the reason behind Makeup Week tomorrow.

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