Thursday, 6 October 2011

3 Weeks Ago - Makeup Week: Day Three

Makeup Week: Day Three

Today I was quite surprised to find that I momentarily thought "I should wear makeup every day". It came from that self confidence you get when you feel pretty. It doesn't matter if you look pretty or not (and who's to judge anyway? There's no real way of measuring pretty. Symmetric, yes. Pretty, no!) it's about how you feel. And wearing makeup made me feel pretty.

Fortunately for me, my common sense/laziness kicked in a few seconds later to point out that I feel pretty most of the time as long as my hair is clean and I don't feel greasy, that I rub my eyes all the time and would have to give that up to wear makeup, that it costs money to buy makeup and most of all, putting on makeup would steal at least ten minutes of sleep from my mornings.

It was still fascinating to experience that feeling of desiring to wear makeup every day. It scared me a little, to be honest, but today I think I experienced just a glimpse of what it feels like to need to wear makeup.

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