Thursday, 6 October 2011

3 Weeks Ago - Makeup Week: Day Two

Makeup Week: Day Two

Okay, explanation. I’ve been reading about No Makeup Week on various fashion/girly blogs. It’s a cool idea, but totally non-viable for me as almost every week of my life has been No Makeup Week. Mostly the idea was that women who wear makeup every day and in some cases feel dependent on it would take a risk and wear no makeup for a week (or as close to it as they could manage). I found it absolutely fascinating to be reading the thoughts and emotions of these women, since it is very alien to my own comfort with my skin.

Because I wanted to understand what wearing makeup every day felt like and wanted a tiny glimpse into the perspective of women who put a “face” of some kind on in order to face the world, I decided that for one week I would attempt to wear normal makeup every day to work. I do not normally wear normal makeup, because on the odd occasion I do put some paint on it’s normally warpaint.

Today I wore lipstick, which is something I hate to do. I dislike how it gets on my water bottle and wears off unevenly leaving me with lines around my lips. Fortunately, today I chose brown creamy stuff that also works on eyes and stained my lips a light shimmery colour all day!

Otherwise my makeup was fine. I was more pleased by my outfit (no picture for you, but that top is a crop that sits just under my boobs and I was wearing high waisted pants that just met the top, pirate boots and a long black coat).

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