Thursday, 6 October 2011

4 Days Ago - First "Fashion" Post

Well, I don't know how coherent I'm going to be when I'm so tired, but if I don't have a go now these photos will never get uploaded and then I won't get to gush about them to online people who care (i.e. no one) and will therefore annoy my mother with my incessant comments about them. (I have an almost irresistible urge to tell at least one person the things that are important to me, which is why I keep a diary.)

Today was a busy, tired day that involved making bricks out of paper, playing with worms and learning how to make butter with half a bottle of cream and an Easiyo container. And that was just the morning, when I volunteered at a preschool open day. In the afternoon I went opshopping with one of my friends and then went to the mall. Mercifully there was no spending at the mall, but I spend $35 at the opshop. That's New Zealand dollars, for anyone reading this.

Disclaimer: the camera lens was dirty, I got my 10 year old brother and my mum to take the photos while I was making grimacy smiles and these clothes (and I!) look way better in person. You'll have to imagine.

Those pants are deliciously comfortable. I picked them because I liked the colour (a darker, more chocolate brown than the photo shows) and they looked like lovely lounging pants. I put them on expecting to look ridiculous and was blown away by how unexpectedly nice they looked with a pair of black peeptoes (two sizes too big). They also are not too long! And they cost all of $6.99.

The top was $12.99 and is a horrible itchy scratchy material, but those light bits are sparkly :D It's also a blue that I love, is slightly slouchy without being baggy and has sleeves that are the right length. Yay!

My whole life, corduroy has been the thing to avoid because it's what 90 year old men wear over their oldpeople diapers. And now it's slightly more fashionable and more importantly is actually appealing to me. They're like jeans, but comfortable and warm (I am not a fan of jeans). These are brown and make my mega short legs look like they belong to a supermodel (a plus size one...). I'm not normally one to care about how long my legs look, as long as I look in proportion, but it's nice to have a change and feel able to look like a leggy 70s child for once in my life. I am holding them in at the back, so they'll need to be pulled in and hemmed. I'm wearing fairly chunky wedges in that photo and they're still a couple of centimetres past the bottom. They were $7.99.

Dress as top

Sorry for the strange close up. This is actually a dress, which I might take a photo of for a before and after shot, that I am going to drastically hem because it shows all my bumps most unflatteringly. The neckline, bustline and sleeve length all suit me really well, though, so it was a definite yes as a top. $6.99.
We tried on some Walk The Line dresses from Glassons, but they just weren't good enough for $40. And now my boyfriend is at a ball with another girl (all good, he has permission) so it's time to sleep.

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