Thursday, 6 October 2011

4 Days Ago - Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is being hosted by New Zealand right now. It started at the beginning of September, roughly, and will finish at the end of October, roughly. I think so, anyway. Much of the country is caught up in the hype and it's probably producing much needed tourism revenue, which I will not object to. However, it seems that rugby is all our country can think about right now. The newspapers are full of rugby. I can't speak for the telly, because I don't watch it, but I heard that it's full of rugby. What about those of us who don't like rugby? I'll be pleased if the All Blacks win the World Cup, because that's my country's team. But am I watching it? No. Would I like to know about other things happening in the country and the world? Yes. Too bad.

Anyway, that's enough about rugby. I was very late to church this morning, but I made it for the praying and the meeting that I wasn't told about (hooray!), so it was still fairly productive and people saw I was there (you'll see why further down). I was going to achieve so many things this afternoon, but I'm still so wiped out from going to bed too late and getting up too early yesterday that I've managed to take a photo of my outfit, eat some lunch and move a couple of things (literally two) around my room. I still have an hour and twenty minutes before I have to be at youth group, during which time I could move the rest of the stuff around my room and then not have a huge piles of clothes on my bed, clean the toilets and showers and bake biscuits while reading the book of Hosea in prep for youth group, but I have a feeling I will probably flop facedown onto my bed and then nap until it's time to hurriedly get my shoes on and leg it down to church.
No! I have a craving for sweet things and instead of dipping into my rapidly emptying treats box I will bake. Wish me luck! I'll post photos tomorrow.

2 October 2011

Today's outfit (and my first ever outfit of the day). I felt awesome today! So bright, and got many compliments from church, especially on my sweet as fascinator. I don't know where any of my stuff is from except for the top, cardi and shoes which are opshopped and the fascinator, which was from a little Asian place in the mall.

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