Friday, 21 October 2011

And then when she goes to post...

The boyfriend was down for the week, so blogging was kind of off the agenda. When you live five hours away, one of you works full time and the other has school (he's...young) it is very hard to see each other often.

Quick recap of the week:

Monday - Worked the whole day until 3pm, teaching my replacement the ropes and basically bumming while she learned what she was doing. Pretty cruisy and nice to have company. Mum came in to cover me and I went to get Campbell. As soon as we got to work my boss told me I had to get an ad for a magazine done in an hour. I had tons of stuff still to do, so I stuck my poor boyfriend in front of Photoshop and he made the ad instead. I was so proud! After work we had youth group, where he met all my crazy church friends and learned how awesome church is, yay.

Tuesday - Bummy bum day. It was rainy so we went shopping (which he doesn't enjoy!) and found some shweet shoes that he encouraged me to buy. I was intrigued by this voluntary offering of opinion (he's usually too laid back for this) and for fashion no less! It made me quite keen to buy them, because I like it when the boy has an opinion :) Later Tuesday I had a bit of a scaredy-cat moment about the shindig at mine that I'd planned so my friends could meet my boyfriend, because I hate organising things. Hate it. It terrifies me. I'm scared people will be bored/unhappy/unruly/messy/bored/unhappy or even worse, not turn up because they don't like me.

Basically the conversation went like this:

Me: Waaaah I don't want to do this. Too scary. Let's not.
Him: It'll be fine!
Me: Okay...well we have to work out what groceries we're buying.
Him: Right. Well, we need savories etc....

And so on. Does this look normal to you? It's not to me! I am not used to him taking charge. Normally this is fine, since I am really kinda demanding and strong-willed and push my opinions on people (it's called sharing!) and he is so easygoing that it doesn't bother him - weirdo! - but when I was all waily and trying to run away from the supermarket it was awesome to have him take charge.

Anyway, enough about that.

Wednesday - Hmm...yes. What did we do on Wednesday? Oh yes. Went to look at my ravaged city, little model trains and another mall, since that is the only thing to do now. It was a pretty dull day, really. We played Risk with my brothers in the evening and I came this close to winning! I stupidly ended my turn at a really stupid time and really stupidly gave up my chance to win, because then my brother annihilated me. Rats.

Thursday - Woo, I got to work. I had the Tues-Thurs off but Mum (who covers me, what with it being a family business and all) got really sick so I went in instead and Campbell stayed home sleeping, the lucky bum. Still, Mum was enough of a sweetheart to cover me for the last couple of hours so I could leave in time to go paintballing! I hadn't been for years and Campbell really wanted to, so off we went with my brothers and shot each other :D Campbell used so many bullets! I didn't do very well, but my glasses fogged up and my goggles got covered in paint, so to be fair I could only see by turning side on. Hard to shoot. After losing paintball (boo :() to my brothers, Campbell and I went on a date. After trying The Flying Burrito Brothers (mentioned last week) which would've entailed an hour wait before even being seated, and then Tutto Bene with the same result, I was almost out of ideas until Mother suggested Spagalimis (I rang her for ideas cos I am sucky with ideas on demand). It was delicious and we had lots of fun. No photos though, sorry! Still getting used to this photography idea.

Today I got up at 6am and took him to the bus stop, then came home, got ready for work and fell into bed for another half an hour. It was a good half an hour. And it was a good day at work, followed! Yay! Physical shopping, too. I am not an online shopper. Living in New Zealand means that awesome shops that you get in the US don't do free shipping or returns and I'm too scared to buy things without making absolutely sure they fit.

Today's finds & some not-finds:

Top: Maya 2 Button Merino Jumper - $14.97
Skirt: Not sold online, so no link for you!
Shoes: Dr Sibyl sz 6, not sold online
Belt: Also not sold online (Jeez The Warehouse)

My knee dimples really weirdly when I have my leg straight. I have chubby thighs xD Also, in this light the belt looks pink, which is actually really cool. It was red in reality. And so long that the S-M size wrapped a handspan around my waist past the last hole. WHY?!

I bought every part of this outfit except the skirt, which was annoyingly short. Everything is, these days. I'm after modest clothing as well as totally gorgeous clothing, and six inches above my knee does not cut it. I would love to find a skirt like this that is at least three inches shorter, or maybe much longer that I can alter. I'm on the hunt! It'd be so cool to thrift it, but we don't have cool thrift stores here.

This skirt, while pretty cool (it looked better in person because it looked more like snakeskin and four legged tarantulas). But it's even shorter than the last skirt and just not as cool. Nope!
I actually really wanted to find a pencil skirt since I've been reading so much about them, but I was silly to think The Warehouse might have them. It is a surprisingly neat place to shop sometimes (gorgeous teal merino top for $15? Yes please!) but I can't give them too much credit. It'd be handy though. The Warehouse is cheap. I only went in for the shoes, but the pull of clothes and a rare good mood after work were too strong. And yes, three things for $60 made me happy. The belt was the most expensive thing I bought. Stupid belt not being on sale for the long weekend!

In other news, long weekend!!!!!!!




I want a phone with a nice camera, but considering how cheap my phone is, it's not too bad.

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