Thursday, 6 October 2011

Captain Creampuff!

Today was cold, so I actually wore my deliciously snuggly jersey and my Matrix/flasher coat over this ensemble, but I didn't want to photograph them as they were covering up my glory. Another day, when they're actually part of the outfit and not just unfortunate necessities.

At work today I spent three hours hunting for an oil cooler for a customer of ours (who hadn't even paid us for it, long story). It had totally disappeared. The boys swore black and blue that they'd sent it, but they hadn't written it in our book or kept the ticket numbers. I went through every ticket book we'd had for a month and a half and nada. I called the courier company and begged for their help. I tried other courier companies, I tried going through every bit of paperwork we had, I tried crying - well, not really but I felt like it! And  I did it because our customer said it was really urgent that they got this oil cooler and I couldn't let them down.

When eventually our foreman had to give them the news that it'd done a runner and left no forwarding address the answer was "oh well, things happen". Things happen?! I worked for three hours, putting off my other necessary work and my lunch for "things happen"? *sigh* I had lunch an hour before work finished. I never go home then anyway, even when I try, but still. That is three and a half hours after I usually eat my lunch.

Up until the beginning of the mystery of the disappearing oil cooler, I had been set to have a productive, stress-free day. That did not happen. I ended up rather stressed. Unicycling when I got home helped relieve a lot of that, fortunately.


Pretty birdy top from Glassons for cheap; useful stripey grey top from Pagani; leather-type belt; flowery skirt from Jay Jays, I think; thick grey tights from brother layered under red fishnets; black Victorian boot thingies! 

Another shot to show our pretty garden and the nice sun and things.

PS. The title is inspired by my boyfriend, who has adopted the nickname Creampuff. Dorky and unmanly? Definitely. Do I approve? Once I get his reasoning, certainly!

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