Thursday, 6 October 2011

Down A Piercing :(

Tonight (actually two nights ago) I took out my eyebrow piercing, which I got when I was in Brisbane at the end of December last year. In the past nine months it has not healed and I've finally decided to let it go. It wasn't infected most of the time, simply suffering from hypertrophic tissue. I'm slightly surprised that I kept it so long, but I also kept my tragus even though it didn't heal for nearly a year and was migrating when I did take it out.

To the more squeamish of my imaginary readers, I apologise. I'm just relating the facts of piercings for a person with an extremely delicate body and relatively poor hygiene (not so bad that I smell or am dirty, just bad at cleaning piercings twice a day).

This photo is of my eyebrow tonight, half an hour after I'd taken it out.

I'm thinking lip for the next piercing.

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