Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fashion Vs Style Part 1

I've been perusing some of the more...high fashion (is that it?) blogs that are to do with really expensive fashion, the likes of Christian Louboutin, Missoni, Neiman Marcus, Prada...(I realise some of these are more expensive than others and it might seem like a strange list but I'm just going off the top of my head here) while trying to find some other Kiwi style bloggers. I've had to admit that big name designers do nothing for me. I don't like looking at photos from Fashion Week anywhere (except the street style during that time, since it always seems to be cooler), I don't like most of the stuff on the catwalks of big names and I just don't get why you'd want to pay US$316 (I assume it's in USD) for a t-shirt. Yes, it has a slightly interesting neckline. But it's just a black cotton t-shirt.

Just because I don't get it and wouldn't do it, that doesn't mean I'm bashing people who do and would. But I realised that I just cannot be like them and therefore my blog cannot be like theirs. I'm not going to post up catwalk images (most of the time) because I don't like what I see (most of the time). I'm more inspired by seeing real women of all ages and sizes dress in awesome ways than seeing models who are way taller and thinner than average in clothing that is expensive and unpractical.

So when it comes down to it, really, I'm not into fashion. Don't let that make you think I don't like clothes or shoes or the way I or other people look, though. There's a big difference between fashion and style that has been explored by a lot of people over a lot of years and in my next post I want to have a look at what some of those people have said. This post is for what I say.

I've never really understood fashion. I understand that it's a career for many and therefore needs to make them money, so they have to get people to buy more things. I understand that people like to wear new things and look pretty. I kind of understand why a lot of people stick with what's "in" at the time, because it can be hard to assess what looks good on you specifically, whether it's on trend or not - especially when you often have to look good with only limited time to really pay attention to yourself. I don't understand why designers stay within trends set up by other designers, why sometimes their clothing costs so much just because it's by that particular designer and why people would rather look bad wearing something that's trending than look amazing wearing something that actually suits them, not to mention having to buy new clothes every single season because last season's stuff isn't cool any more. To me, fashion is a cycle of consumerism that makes people miserable because it ignores who they really are and squishes them into a mold while draining their bank accounts.

I do understand style, though not well enough. More than I used to, which is nice. I understand that style is about expressing who you are and really loving how you look because it's you. It's about looking at the world around you and being inspired by it and then creating something new and magical for others in the way that you express that inspiration. It's a cycle of people taking inspiration and giving it back and it gives people confidence because they know they look great in a way that is entirely unique to them. To have good style can cost you lots of money, if you are so inclined, or it can cost you almost nothing if you prefer. It involves looking at yourself both harder and kinder.

When it comes down to it, I have to remind myself that it's style that I care about. I want to look good always, but when you leave it to style it means sometimes all you need is a smile.

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