Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Hair Issue

I dyed my hair about a month and a half ago and I'm getting restless again. I love to have my hair short, but I hate it when it grows a few cm past its ideal short length. It's at that point again, so I have yellowy green hair with a cm or two of brown regrowth. The regrowth doesn't look too bad, but the style is too long to do all over spiking up without looking silly or punky (punky is fine, but a bit too scary for work). But! It's too short to put clips in it, pull it back or do anything with it, really.

I'm sure you can understand my dilemma.

I have been in this place many times in my life, since I'm incapable of hairstyle maintenance. Either I let it grow out or I get it cut into something different. I never actually get it trimmed or redye it the same colour. I don't dye over colours or get a hairstyle changed in the middle of its prime, either. I see hairstyles as having a time to shine and then a time to be replaced, like Presidents and Prime Ministers, only my hairstyles have much shorter terms and aren't in charge of any countries.

Soooooo since it's time for another change, I have been thinking about what I want. I suck at high maintenance (or any maintenance, if I'm brutally honest. I suck.) so I don't even consider hairstyles that require daily styling, except I keep falling into the habit of mohawking my hair. Which is silly, because most of the time it's floppy and just looks funny! Fauxhawks are better but I still end up with crazy long hair on top of my head and short everywhere else. Anyway, what I was heading for was that I've done many short hairstyles that don't require maintenance and I'm running short (eep!) of ideas in that direction.

Since my readership is, at this point, imaginary, I have to turn to Google for inspiration *sob*

Fortunately for my failing imagination, I have been inspired for a few months by the long hair + shaved side (only one, mind!) look. For example:

These are all just random Google images but they show what I mean. I think I'd like to have a cross between the bottom two, but I doubt I could ever grow my hair that long. I have trouble even growing it to my shoulders. And along with shaved and possibly leopardy sidebits, I will have coontail longish bits! I thought I was being totally original with the idea of blonde and brown stripes but as I was writing this I realised coontails are completely unoriginal and make a girl look sceney and often quite skanky. Whoops! However, many lovely ladies manage to pull the coontail look off without looking skanky and I'm sure I'll manage, since I am not, in fact, a skank.

I am quite tempted to just go for the side shaved bit at the moment since my hair is way too short to attempt any sort of stripes just yet. Yes, that might solve my ennui with my hair at present! Good idea, Emma.

And sometime I will post a history of my hair. It's a long history. Be prepared.

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