Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Monday

Happy Monday! I had a good weekend and Mondays are pretty good these days because I get to lounge around in the morning while my trainee does stuff I tell her to. It's so weird being the boss of a woman easily old enough to be my mother - and who is in fact friends with my mother. It does mean I get a little bit of variety in my week since she comes in on Fridays too.

Not much to say tonight, I guess. Oh, except that I managed for the first time to get up and ride on my unicycle without holding onto anything! Major achievement right there, mhm.

Today's outfit = bad idea. Shoes were good, tights were good, top needed a camisole underneath! Too gaping and also slightly too long for my shorts.

Look, I am wearing shorts! The top and shoes are thrifted, others I can't remember.

Pretty tights have holes in them :(

Completely breaking this rule about not wearing black and brown together. That's all this outfit is! xD


So...look too skanky? Does the fact that you know I have shorts on underneath make it more ok or are my shorts even too short? I don't think they are actually that short but this top would be pretty long on a normal girl let alone a shortie. I liked how I looked today, but I'm still a bit unsure about the decency factor.

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