Friday, 28 October 2011

Not a Great Beginning

Blogging at work to say this day has started...interestingly. It was a normal morning of Mum waking me up (embarrassing to admit, but there you have it. I can't seem to ever get up by myself. I think if I slept in once and was late to work it'd put the fear of being late in me enough to get up, but because my mother is there I never have to. She doesn't appreciate this when I try to tell her.), wandering around blearily getting ready, trotting out to my car (which is in the shed, ensuring I get nice and cold/wet on my way) and then praying as I try to warm up my hands and drive at the same time. Last night I decided my character needs a bit of work so I was praying that God would refine me and use opportunities to make me grow.

What I was not expecting as a result of that prayer was to get to the street my work is on and then drive into the back of a parked ute :/

I don't actually think that God, upon hearing my prayer, made me drive into a ute, but it was definitely a great opportunity to deal with a crisis, even a really mini one!

It was not really that bad, I assure you. I was barely moving at the time (though I was accelerating) and I was looking behind me checking for traffic as I pulled out to turn around and didn't realise how close I was to the ute in front of me. It gave me quite a shock when the car suddenly shuddered and there was a crunching sound. I bet the guy sitting in his ute got quite a shock too! Fortunately I didn't damage his ute at all, because I'd driven into some metal bit sitting under the bed of the truck. It just got some of my nice blue paint on it. My car, however, got smacked right in the left indicator, which is now mush. I did manage to keep the bulb perfectly intact, however. No idea how that happened.

Needless to say, I was a little ruffled as I started work this morning. My day improved soon after though because Christina, the lady I am training to replace me, came in and told me that she was sorry she was late to work but she'd hit a car on the way to work. I was not happy that she'd hit a car! But I was happy that the day she did so was the day I did too. It meant we could laugh about the odds of it happening and be glad we were both alive and pretty stupid (she hit a parked van....) and all of a sudden the day got better.

I was pretty proud of myself for not crying or getting grumpy or anything, though. I cry quite easily when I do things wrong or get in trouble. If someone had sped down the street and taken out the back half of my car and I wasn't at fault at all I wouldn't have felt even a slight desire to cry, but this morning my lip was wobblin' just a wee bit. I kept my calm and my happy, however, so I'm growing!

My poor wee munted car, sitting in its cold, loveless home out in the shed.

Okay, no outfit of today. But I have previous outfits for you! I wore this out on a lovely date with my lovely boyfriend Campbell last Thursday. It was the night before we had to get up at 6:15am to take him to the busstop for his eight hour trip back up north. I managed to get half an hour of delicious slumber back at home before I had to go to work. Anyway, back to the date. We tried going to The Flying Burrito Brothers, but it had an hour wait. Then we tried Tutto Bene with the same result. Eventually we tried Spagalimis, which was perfect! Absolutely delicious food, nice atmosphere, quiet and cheap! I'm very sorry for Spagalimis that they didn't have more customers, but I'm pleased for us. We had an amazing night.

I love that cropped top! It's warm, a beautiful colour and it was either an opshop find or free. One of the only warm tops I go to again and again.

Necklace is a bazillion years old. I got it when I was a little girl. I went through a stage where I thought it was too "little girl" but now I love it again.

That bit of hair I'm pulling is my rat's tail. Lots of people hate it, but I like having something that reminds me I'm not normal, even when my hair colour is (which is obviously isn't in these photos, although it was starting to look more yellow than green).

This dress was bought when I was envious of those slinky type girls. I wore it once and after that realised how indecently short it was (maybe half an inch longer than it's shown in this pic) and didn't touch it for years. I went to try it on, still hated how indecent it was but decided to try it over jeans. Success! The BF said I was gorgeous :)
I think that's all my outfits from when my hair was green (less than a week ago, haha). From now it's more blue, hooray!

Time to organise youth group for Sunday. My co-leader and I aren't usually this slack but I literally forgot about it until last night. Whoops!

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