Thursday, 6 October 2011

One Month Ago - I can't just keep writing again!

I have green hair and I am gorgeous.

Tonight I was reading Mirror, Mirror.....Off the Wall, a blog by a woman who has decided to go a year without looking at a reflection or photo of herself because of how critical she was of herself when she looked in the mirror. While I enjoy admiring myself in mirrors and rarely get critical unless I’ve been receiving too many comments about how attractive I’d be if I looked normal, many of the ideas in her blog appealed to me.

One of the major points was her interview with her fiancĂ©, because he said he doesn’t notice a huge difference in how she looks on her no-makeup-Mondays but he does think she looks nicer without it. He also said that her wearing less makeup meant that when she did do her makeup for a night out or similar, it felt more special because she wasn’t doing it every day anymore.

Another part I liked was her link to a video of a woman talking about her trip to Africa and discussion about beauty with an African woman. The woman, when asked if she liked her body, said of course she did and went on to compare two trees, asking if we disliked one tree because it didn’t look like another. The answer was no, of course. She replied “love your tree!” We should celebrate our differences not try to hide them.

I was a little worried about dyeing my hair green because I didn’t think I’d look very nice. I did it anyway because I don’t want to waste my life being afraid to do the things I want to do. Green hair may not be the most flattering hair colour I could have, but as Kjerstin’s fiancĂ© said to her “there’s something very sexy about being comfortable with who you are.”

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