Thursday, 6 October 2011

One Month Ago

There is something quite cool about realising you’re more like your dad than you thought you were. Dad came in tonight to ask how my holiday was and we ended up talking for over an hour, covering skiing vs snowboarding, backpacking, our jobs and how well we suit them, talking to people at church, China and being introverted. It turns out that although we do of course have our differences, sometimes the way we process the world is remarkably similar.

And I think that having that similarity is in many ways what makes good friendships work. You need opposites too, and they might be better for marriage so you can balance each other out and function as one person, but for things like tramping or travelling, it’s good to have the same sort of get go, thrill seeker, variety needed, loves to talk, loves to party, loves to relax or whatever it is that defines your enjoyment of an occasion. Dad and I both like new, physical, challenging and mostly non-social activities, so were on the whole ideal to be travelling together.

I’m interested to see, when Campbell (the boyfriend) and I tramp and travel together, how we end up working. I’m looking forward to it.

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