Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Outfit of Many Days (None of which are this day)

Soooo I've been really behind on posting my outfits. I've also been really lazy at actually taking photos of them. I will have to reconstruct them and take more.

In the meantime (warning! Very photo heavy):

My legs are photoshopped so that the colour of my tights are closer to how they actually are. It's still not right, but at least they aren't sky blue like in the other photos!

Look! Side on view of my new shoes, as well as a stupid pose :D

Teal tights and open wedges = not a good combination. But when it's cold and I'm lazy, I put my jeans on over the tights I wore that day.
I completely failed to take any straight on photos while I was wearing my corset thing, but this is what my waist looks like without its boning to subtly give me shape. Not as bad as expected, but can you believe that according to my measurements I'm an hourglass?

The laces in my corset are actually brightly coloured bits of wool that I plaited and then tied in a bow at the top and bottom.

This was my day-night ensemble a couple of weeks ago (I know! That long!). I wore the skirt etc to work and then the jeans and corset to dinner with my friend. The corset is not too corsetty because I did manage to eat some bad pizza. Or all of a bad pizza, even.

Aaaand that's it for today. I have more outfit photos but I haven't even uploaded them off the camera yet.

Bad Emma.

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