Thursday, 6 October 2011

1 Week Ago - Self Constructed Freak

I am really enjoying this blog, Self Constructed Freak, at the moment. Found it by Googling punk fashion blog after spending a lot of time perusing Extra Petite, which is also very awesome and has sucked up a lot of my time. I decided though that Extra Petite was way too girly and time-consuming for someone like me (although I can't help going back there again and again) and I wanted to find an inspiring girl who was out there, rough and punky. Marlene from SCF is all those things, although less rough and more pastel! Spending a lot of time on her blog wishing I could sew, being completely inspired by her confidence in wearing totally out of the norm clothing and wondering what I’m really into (for example, she loves pastels, “ugly” clothing, the 20s & 60s, Spank! and many other things that are not me xD).

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