Saturday, 8 October 2011

So Many Measurements!

Although I've known of body types and dressing for your body rather than mindlessly following what everyone else is wearing for ages, I've never really known much about my measurements other than my height and weight - in Imperial and Metric - and now that I've started reading fashion blogs, I'm being attacked at all angles by hip, waist, bust, foot, rise, inseam and whatever else measurements. I know none of mine. I measured my hip/waist/bust once and compared to my two best friends, but those numbers are long gone from my mind, and probably from my body too.

I am making it my mission to discover what all of those things mean and what they are on me. I will discover whether I actually am a petite (apparently decided by your 'rise'), what my body type might be, my clothing and shoe sizes in UK and US as well as NZ and my inseam *nod*

In the meantime, outfit of today! Well, yesterday really. Outfit of yesterday!

Top thrifted from SaveMart months ago - it has shoulderpads!; Skirt from Glassons back when it was classy; Tights are actually teal, but the camera took the green out; Shoes from Number One Shoe Warehouse.
Closeup of the makeup. I think adding the slightly smokey eye helped me carry off the more pastel-y and shoulderpad-y top without losing the edge I prefer to have.
Closeup of the awful makeup job that I did while in the car (not driving) using my cellphone as a mirror. Not too bad considering the circumstances!
Just another view of the outfit. You can see the variation in my hair colour better from this angle.

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