Thursday, 27 October 2011

Under The Ocean...

 Well, the Blogger upload from Picasa thing isn't working, which has me a little bummed because uploading photos manually (well, more manually) takes up tiiiiiiiiime. *sob* Woe is me.

 Oh...oh wait. No, that's apparently just what it does when you're in HTML mode rather than Compose. *headdesk* I missed out on a day's blogging because I thought it was a time problem! *waaaaail* Augh I am so dumb sometimes.!

First things first...I dyed my hair blue. Yes, blue :D Atlantic Blue by Directions, to be more specific. My fading green hair was starting to look a little lacklustre, so on Monday 24th, I woke up and decided it was time to change again. I would've gotten my hair cut too, but I am trying to grow it out, to maybe possibly potentially go for a look like this:
Because while I find Scott Pilgrim Vs The World really weird, Ramona has cool hair!
Aaand photos of dyed hair.

Yes my hair is pretty crazy pouf right now. I'm waiting for it to get long enough so I can get that fringe-clipped-back look going on.

And because I now have a lovely teal merino top and blue/teal hair, I am more matchy than before :D
What I do with my nights: watch M*A*S*H* (we have all 11 seasons on DVD) and read blogs. That one is Chloe's from The Chloe Conspiracy.

My wonderful wool flasher/Matrix coat that is my go-to outerwear when I can't be bothered trying to find something that matches (which is often, because I am baaaaad at matching outerwear).
Ideally I would've worn these shoes with the outfit, but I prefer to be comfy at my workplace as I run around a lot. I am still not comfy in heels, so I wore my practical but leg-swallowing boots.

And finally at the end of my shoot I notice my top has become all scrunched so I tug it down where it's meant to be.

Look! My tights are spotty :)
Closeup without flash so you can see the red, orange and yellow tights. My younger brother bought these for me for my birthday :) They were a success.

Bla. Too tired and behind in preparation for tomorrow, so that's about it for tonight folks. I have many more photos and words to post, especially of the first outfit I wore after dyeing my hair (this wasn't it)!

Goodnight my dears. Hopefully we shall meet again tomorrow night.

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