Sunday, 30 October 2011

Whew! And an outfit of the day

Well, I am exhausted. Last night was a youth group social night for my wee ones (ages 10-11 ish) and it was a race à la Amazing Race only we had to take pictures to prove we'd completed the challenges. To my surprise, this ended up involving 11 year old boys proposing to complete strangers in Burger King, jumping into fountains in the middle of the Botanic Gardens and getting piggybacks from a girl with a long blue with and a shredded top. Said girl also asked for my autograph *preen* So I wrote on her arm that she was awesome. I'd show pictures, but I want to protect the privacy of my kiddies. All in all it was a better night than expected, especially since I got to run around with my little bro, who is simply amazing and makes me so proud. I know I've been a good influence in his life when we're doing the Birdie Dance together in the Countdown (supermarket) line, much to the amusement of one of the other boys and the consternation of the third!

I wore my parachute pants (excellently called a ghillie suit) for that particular event due to the running around, but I did wear a nicer outfit that day! Because Mother and I went shopping. She bought luuuuurvely dark taupe shoes that I could not not get because once again they were not in my size *shakes fist* Darn you, Shoe Connection! I'm not complaining too much, though, because they were $150. She also bought me (yay for mothers) a pencil skirt - my very first :D - a beautiful poufy skirt - also my first, not counting this one because it's black and I don't like it much and it makes me feel giant and tights. I have no photos of the tights yet.

Outfit of the day to go shopping in:

Blazer - Opshopped or free; T-shirt - Glassons for $10; Shorts - $50 Some Aussie store; Tights - gift from Mother; Shoes - $26 from The Warehouse; Belt - Opshopped or free, falling to pieces

I felt kind of like I was doing a slightly more modest version of what the teenage girls in NZ are wearing at the moment. I felt a little strange.

I like these shorts but I try to wear them with tights because they're a bit too short.
I was wearing my chunky heels, but halfway through the trip Mum and I both switched shoes from sore feet. I have high arches and need orthotics so I normally have to do that in sensible shoes too!
Love, love, loving my blue hair right now. It's such a gorgeous colour and I feel so bright and happy.

New skirt! It was $50 from Farmers with 30% off that (I think, I didn't pay!) and it has a petticoat and is a good length and is poufy.

I'm not sure why my legs and upper body are different colours, but I think I'm closer to the top colour. I would adore being as white as my legs are, though!

Detail of skirt. Very blurry, so I sharpened it. Not enough. Hurts eyes. But look, it has people having a picnic and a bow.

Aaaand pencil skirt! $25 from Farmers after 50% off, woo! My first pencil skirt. I am a little apprehensive about the tightness, but Mum said it's ok and she knows I like to be modest. Terribly tight blouse, so I'm glad you can't see it properly. Only one I have *sob*
Many wrinkles, but as it's a heavy cotton I guess that's what it will do. I don't mind.

Totally bootylicious. (And again, too-tight blouse, ick.) I feel like Beyonce! But I don't mind being reminded I'm curvy :D

So that was yesterday. I had a friend read my blog last night and he objected to my calling myself chunky. I had to assure him that I love my body and that actually, I'm four or five sizes bigger than heaps of the other petite bloggers I read. And Thomas, now you can see I do actually have a booty! :P

Today was church in the morning, heaps of compliments for my outfit, trying to figure out a frustrating and ultimately simple number sequence my brother thrust upon me, then rushing to record a video of me preparing a Bible study for my older kids youth group tonight (15-16 year olds) and then ultimately not having it work on my co-leader's Mac (pft, Macs!) so I had to just say it all pretty much from memory. Despite that it was an extremely fun night and I was very pleased to see our kids getting involved. We also had some Americans from Youth With A Mission join us and it was great having some extra leaders around.

Bows! I was complimented hugely on matching my hair, cardi, t-shirt and shoes today. My entire outfit matched! They even liked my glasses matching. Only my nails didn't.

Also complimented on having a tiny waist. Doesn't look like it at all in these pictures though. I guess compared to my shoulders?

I had a question to ask but I have totally forgotten it. Rats. Oh well, it may come to me. In the meantime, have a happy smile for a happy weekend :)


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