Monday, 10 October 2011

Yay shopping

I was not wearing this outfit to church yesterday morning. I was wearing my other blue skinnies, an uncomfortable trench top and darling little light teal heels. However, the jeans were atrocious - too short after I hemmed them too much, so low that they sat below my hipbones and so tight they gave me vicious muffintop as well as feeling like death. After church I had to go bra shopping (yay, bras) and decided I'd also try to find some high rise skinnies. Since I have never had a pair of jeans that fit, I didn't have high hopes.

Bra shopping was easy because I was just buying more of a wonderful bra I found about a month ago. It's actually quite hard to find bras that don't have any sort of pushup these days but aren't grandma bras. Is it so much to ask for to want sensible, pretty bras that support without turning your boobs into an ogling free-for-all?

Anyway, moving on. I might rant more about bras in future. Tonight is about the purchases you will see in my photos. I went to Just Jeans first and tried on the highest rise pants I could find. None of them reached my bellybutton. One of them almost did. My natural waist is at least 2 inches above my bellybutton and I would've liked jeans that reached that point, as that's where I'm the most nipped in. Too bad, the jeans said! I will sit right where your lovehandles are, therefore giving you a muffintop around your bellybutton! Hooray.

As you might guess, that did not go down well. I want comfortable jeans! The ones at Just Jeans were okay, but for the price they weren't good enough. They did make me look pretty good from the waistband down, but above it was...well, I'd prefer my fat rationed more equally, thanks. So we moved on, popping into Max on the off chance they might have jeans. They haven't had anything that suits me for years, being for tall, slim, flowy sort of people, but today they happened to have midrise jeggings that just might work. They were much, much cheaper than the Just Jeans ones, too. $69.30 instead of $160. Yes please. Although they are called jeggings, they're made of a slightly thicker denim; they won't see me through winter if I'm outside, but they'll survive the other seasons.

Jeans happily purchased, we then just had to pop into Hannahs on our way to the car, to see if there was anything new and to look at the shoes I was admiring (much to Mother's disapproval):

Apexx wedge from Hannahs, $119
Unfortunately, the heel is really narrow and with shoes that height and my tendency to fall over while standing still coupled with the saleslady's horror stories about people shattering their ankles falling in platform shoes persuaded me that if I bought these shoes I'd die. Literally. I'd be strutting along, proudly showing off my bright, crazy new shoes, when I'd do an extremely ladylike ankletwist and fall into a pit of lava. (Plus they're synthetic and peeptoe and my wiiiide toes don't appreciate peeptoes.)

Instead of super awesome "look at MEEEEEE" shoes, I was persuaded (again by the saleslady, who took a great deal of interest in my shoe buying - more than usual) to look at the shoes I'm wearing below. I was intelligent enough to not take a side photo (dur) so you can't see that they're a weird mixture of a wedge and a cone type heel. I'm not sure how much I like it, but they are comfy and look a lot like plain black pumps but they have an ankle strap, so I can wear them! I am not capable of wearing shoes you can't be strapped into. Can't do it. I have flats with straps, wedges with straps, all my heels have straps and now so do my pumps, which are pretty much known for their straplessness. Oh yeah. Miss doesn't-know-how-to-stay-in-shoes has to be different.

I dislike the lack of colour in this outfit, but I suppose it's good to stray out of your comfort zone (mine being bright colours. You could tell? What gave it away?) now and then. I learned the cute belt knot thing from Jean at Extra Petite and it has opened up a whole new world of being able to wear skinny belts. Hooray!

Right. That took me two nights to finish. I am done! Sleepy time.

Cardi I picked up off the street after the earthquake (no joke!); belt I thrifted, I think; drapey tank from Jay Jays; New Breaker Jeggings from Max; New Vertices from Hannahs
Please excuse the crazy expression. I was trying to avoid the dreaded pirate Redeye. I think you can see my jeans a little better in this photo.

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