Tuesday, 22 November 2011

As Promised (OOTD)

An OOTD! As I promised! From Saturday! (Saturday night, actually, for approximately an hour. The rest of the day was spent in pajamas.)(I was sick.)(It was two different pairs of pajamas, even.)

Totally inspired by Lauren from Petite on a Penny and would have in fact been almost a downright copy except my wardrobe is now...tiny! Relatively, anyway. Not only was the outfit inspired by her, but the very special shoes (special for me, anyway, even if they do seem to be a dime a dozen at the moment) were a purchase inspired by her. Yay! It's copy Lauren day!

(I endeavour to copy her look from this post too one day. :D)

Photos. Beware of the faces (try not to look at them). They are my "I feel way too sick to be going out so I'll pretend I'm a normal person! *grimace*" faces.

In the background, my computer has Steam running, ready to start Skyrim, the bane of a productive life.

Ignore the face, look at the shoes.

*ahem* So..I was trying for Lauren's outfit (or at least something channelling it) from this post, but not having a plaid shirt or a jersey that isn't a hoodie or full of holes or covered in a snowman and little bobbles, I...well, failed, really. Although my shirt is literally my ex-boyfriend's.

So it was a pretty disappointing outfit rushed together in 15 minutes with me getting dizzy nearly every time I bent over to pick something up. But the shoes are a triumph. Never before in my whole life have I tried on flats (like this - are they called ballet flats?) that stayed on when I walked without being foot corsets. But I found some! In leopard print! In Kmart! (Americans, think Target.) For $15! Yay!

Until (hopefully) tomorrow.

PS. I hope you don't mind me kinda copying you, Lauren!

PPS. I am really tired from going to bed an hour later than normal. Oh, such a grandma.

PPPS. I threw this outfit on to celebrate my friends getting engaged. Yay for them :) Hopefully my blog will be around long enough that I can post my outfit for their wedding next April.

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