Thursday, 3 November 2011

Boredom-induced Outfit of the Day!

Well, after a few days of wearing t-shirts and pants that are comfy but could hardly be called flattering, I got bored and felt it was time to dress up. That's rare for me, because I have an idea and then when it comes time to execute it I seem to run out of all energy to do anything except play stupid Flash games or stare at my monitor (I spend most of my time on the computer). I'm trying to be more proactive about making myself do the things I get ideas for, and lately it's been working quite well. I always feel better after I get things done.

So I have outfit photos tonight! I even put makeup on, which is a very rare occurrance. So rare, in fact, that I'm really bad at it. The makeup I used to wear was crazy makeup only - meaning eyeliner shapes all over my face and eyeshadow so neon it glowed. That was very fun but I wasn't even great at that. But subtle makeup? Smokey eyes or natural looks? Never. And although I'm starting to learn the advantages of subtle makeup, I'd rather stick with looking fantastic totally makeup free :)

As I was saying, makeup. I followed Jean's tutorial at ExtraPetite for an easy smokey eye and totally fudged and I took so long that by the time I was done the sun had set, so no natural light (or good light at all, actually). So if I do decide to put the photos up, they're going to be pretty bad.

My face without makeup of any kind. No concealer, foundation, eyeshadow - nothing. Not even lip balm.

The same face with the makeup on. Only on my eyes, and unfortunately with flash.

A slightly more flattering angle of the so-called smokey eye (I kinda failed) with glasses.

Better blended than I though, though I have a nice swish going on with the eyeshadow on my right eye and not my left.

*eyelash flutter*
I don't think I did a very good job compared to her wonderful makeup, and of course wearing glasses means that my makeup is always hidden. Oh well! It was fun.

I am still trying to find a top that works with my pencil skirt. This top would work, I think, if it didn't gape so much that anyone who is taller than me (i.e. nearly everyone I know over the age of 13) can see my chest below my bra. When I do wear it I wear it with a cami but I think that would be too much to tuck in to this skirt. For the purpose of these photos, where my camera is always quite low (which I'd love to fix, as I'm not actually quite as midgety as these photos suggest), it does quite well.

Slightly risque slit in the back. I am still a little unsure about this skirt, but I guess wearing it to work tomorrow will tell me if it's ok or not - I work with 13 guys xD
 There's a bonfire happening with church tomorrow night, so I will probably go to that if work goes well. So I will see you all (all being the Internet, of course) on Saturday!

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