Sunday, 27 November 2011

Election Day (OOTD)

Bleh. Working on a Saturday is not so fun. Writing notes on everything you do at work is also not so fun. Doing it so that your replacement doesn't drown in the swamp of unfamiliar work is...not so bad I guess. Doing it so that you are then free is great!

(I kid. I wouldn't want my replacement to drown.)

My workplace is super, super dirty. It's not as bad as it was - I used to wear sandals and my toes would go black - but it's still dirty to the point where I come home every day with grey hands because I've touched something with dust, dirt or grease on it. The guys I work with go home with black hands and grey faces. We don't have a cleaner, so my mother and I get to clean the office and kitchen, which get covered in this blackness. It's ossome. Or not. But it's a part of the job, eh. That was what I did today, other than write copious amounts of notes and try to work out how to make them legible (not possible, it turns out).

I also went bra shopping. It wasn't intentional, even. I have been obsessed with bras lately since I found out I've been wearing the totally wrong size most of my life and was desperate to get some properly fitting ones. I went bra shopping about a week ago and found some that were a better fit than the ones I bought a few months ago (only cost me $10 too because the first lot were so badly fitted that they gave me an exchange for my new ones - same store, obviously) but they still didn't seem the right size. Mum and I went to lunch today after working and as we were walking to the car I saw the Bendon outlet. I suggested we pop in and I ended up leaving with four bras. So excited to see how they work out. I will be doing a post just about bras sometime next week.

Onto the outfit! Yesterday's, that is. I had run out of properly fitting bras to wear and so even though it ended up getting very warm yesterday, I couldn't take off my blue top and just wear the black top beneath it because of how poorly my bra fitted. Sad times. Not complaining about the heat though <3

Batwings are not my best friend, but they are comfy and this one is blue and the waistband of the skirt shows that I have a waist, even if you can't see it. Good enough for me!

Pretty excited about managing to style my hair in a way that I was happy with and I had candy striped eye makeup! Only it had melted together by the time I got home because of the heat :(

Finally, my outfit of today.

Yes, this is all I wore all day.

Voting is hard when you don't like the policy of any party your country has on offer, but that's no excuse to be negligent, I believe. I don't know if voting is compulsory in the US or not (anyone like to enlighten me?) but in NZ it's not, so many people don't. It's tempting not to because the whole thing is so depressing, but for me, voting means I force myself to be more aware of the country's issues (since I won't let myself vote without knowing I have voted for what I think is best for my country given the options) and more awareness is a good thing.

I'll let you know if my vote changed any outcomes!

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