Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Good, the Bad (OOTD)

I am alive and I have been wearing clothes. I have been taking photos of my clothes, too. And then I've been too lazy/tired to actually blog about them. This will change! Now.

It has finally been getting warmer, so I've been able to wear varying degrees of warmer weather clothing. It's still going up and down and between sunny and rainy with a constant of strong wind, though. Lots of variety in my outfits then I guess!

This was Wednesday's outfit. I am well pleased with it. The boots could've been replaced with heels for a more girlie look, but comfort trumps looks, thank you!

Srs bzns guys.

I am a cowboy.

I was going to wear heels when I got home but then I was tired. I like this outfit, though. It's very girly.

The top is actually a romper though so going to the toilet was a nightmare.

Thursday's outfit was less flattering. It was colder, too, so I was actually wearing a giant green hoodie over it all day anyway (I suuuuuuuuck at finding stylistically appropriate outerwear). I only took pictures to show off the cool jeans I opshopped years ago, because it was an uncomfortable and unflattering outfit!

Long top + short legs = baaaad proportions. Lowrise jeans + short top = horrors too awful to contemplate. Had to choose the lesser of two evils.
Hyyyyyah! I force you to look at my cool jeans!

I was quite excited to look at my photos to upload and realise I had more than I remembered. I forget things very quickly, so it's pretty neat to be reminded that I do dress well (by my standards, at least, even if I don't meet anyone else's xD) at least once a week.

I keep telling myself "I'll do a bra post" (nothing raunchy, I promise :P) but it doesn't get done. It will shortly if I get this week off *crosses fingers*

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  1. I love that skirt more than perhaps all of creation. Good lord.


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