Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hair and Themes and Things (and OOTDs)

Girls With Short Hair

Well, I have short hair. Have done so nearly non-stop for about seven years. I've had bobs a couple of times and twice my hair got to my shoulders before I cut it all off, but mostly short. Partly because I'm too lazy to wash long hair, partly because I consciously try to rebel against the stupid and dull conventions placed on people by other people and partly because I've never thought I look good with long hair.


I'm actually planning on growing my hair out now. I decided against the whole Ramona Flowers thing because a heavy fringe (or bangs) does not look good on me. I suit fringeless or side fringe looks best. So I'm still on the hunt for a good look I want to emulate or be inspired by.

Today was one of those days where you have an idea and it fails. Miserably. Looking at these photos, I realise just how wide and short I looked all day! At least I was comfortable...but also uncomfortable. I spent the whole day wondering if my skirt was too short. My kingdom for slightly longer short skirts!

The top under my birds top is awfully ill-fitting, but the only other long top in my drawer was a white button-down.

Yes, the bird top is gigantic. I shouldn't have bought an L! xD

Super comfy jersey + this pose = giant hips! Cool tights though aye :)
The look I was going for here was a kind of monochromatic with hints of pink. The inside of my shoes are pink and I had pink eyeshadow on. That'd be great if you could see my eyes! At least my cheeks were pink from the bike ride I'd just come back from.

Still, what is life if we waste it being safe?

Speaking of safe: yesterday's outfit. My ultra comfy (albeit tight) outfit. I love this t-shirt. It fits really well and I just like it. I could probably do with having a photo taken from closer to chest height than hip height though, because this shirt does look better in person.

Boots aren't leather but they serve me oh so well!
Plan for this evening: play some Pharaoh, read "Boundaries in Marriage" and look a little more into investing. Productivity, yes!

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