Monday, 14 November 2011

Makeup Review and OOTD (I'm so productive)

I said I had stuff I'd review. I've never reviewed anything before (except Romeo and Juliet done by a local theatre group and it won me a bag and an iPod - yay me!) so I will undoubtedly be a terribad reviewer. I will try anyway because who else will review things for we Kiwis out there? We have needs too you know!

Face and eyes au naturale (I had no idea how to spell that and I don't think it's a real term >.>)

Und now...mascara!

With one coat of Australis Killer Curves mascara

So, reviewy time! I'll start with the Australis Killer Curves mascara. It comes in a very pretty hot pink bottle thingy, which was a big factor in me buying it (as was it's price - cheapest at Farmers). It has short bristles that apply surprisingly clumpy mascara! I wasn't hugely impressed, actually. It goes on easily and makes my eyelashes more visible, but I found it was hard to stop it from clumping. My right eye (on the left in the pictures) is my better eye for applying makeup because I can see better out of my left eye, but I think I overdid the mascara because it looks better on my left eye. Maybe I just need more practice. I'll try that.

And now some Australis IntensifyEYE Liquid Eyeliner. I may have also added another coat of mascara. I can't remember.

And you can see that I can't apply makeup to my left eye properly because when I close it I lose a fair bit of vision :D
I actually really like the eyeliner. I was hoping it was a pen thing (no testers in store :/) but it is a wand thing. I was also hoping for a proper black but they only had Black Shimmer. I ended up liking it. Shimmery is fun :) However, I am teh suck at applying liquid eyeliner, as you can see (yay uneven lines! I blame my poor vision.). It's still fun and I like it.

Glasses shot. I kinda need stronger makeup anyway because I have big, thick glasses!

Ok, bored of reviewing now. I have a blouse to review but it will come later, because as it turns out I don't like to review things! I like to take lots of funny photos and post them on my blog :D

Outfit of the makeup day. That just so happened to be 11/11/11 :D

Top: Opshop dress worn as top; Skirt: Farmers; Tights: Farmers; Shoes: Hannahs

And! Two photos of tonight to show of my awesome slippers, sheep hoodie and brother. Brother!

Look mum! I'm a sheep!

Come into my lair! I vant to drink your blooooooood!

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