Sunday, 13 November 2011

More makeup matters (FBFF)

I was clicking tiredly around the internets, reading the various blogs I'd stumbled across but hadn't had time to really look at properly, when I found a post by Elissa from Dress With Courage about wearing makeup - or not, as the case was. I have found posts like that before and have posted about it myself, but I thought I'd participate in this Fashion Beauty Friend Friday thing (hopefully I can be excused for it not being on Friday since I only discovered it today).

My relationship with makeup has never been an unhealthy one, I think. When I was younger I didn't notice it at all unless I wanted to dress up in a particular theme (i.e. Goth or 1960s not-hippie). Sometime around...16ish maybe I occasionally flirted with the idea of de-reddening my face a little with powder stuff from a crappy little box of makeup I'd been given, but I got over it pretty quickly. I did collect makeup, though, especially eyeliner, because I liked to draw on my face (literally!).

Here are some examples of that drawing on my face, from various ages:

Just a random night in chucking eyeshadow on.

Just a normal day.

Another normal day.

A day home painting myself with body paint.

Aaand a day at college going to get my tragus pierced.
I'm very much into makeup as a fantasy/extremely obvious decoration. As I've been getting older, though, I've moved away from that towards looking more normal. I still don't use foundation, concealer, eye brightener, wrinkle firming (I should hope not, I'm twenty!) stuff and I hope I never do. In fact, I would like to make more of a push towards using makeup as a very obviously there decoration rather than as an enhancer or concealer.

Out of the last two, enhancer or concealer, I think enhancing is a much healthier attitude to makeup. France from Oranges and Apples said in her post that she's never heard anyone say "embrace your blackheads" in the same way as people say "embrace your curves". That's totally true, but I want to say it. Embrace your blackheads! Many of us want to look pretty, even beautiful, which I don't believe is a bad thing to desire at all. I do think that if we changed our standards a bit we'd all look prettier because of our increased confidence, though. Perfect skin is not attainable; nor is perfect anything, really. Instead of spending so much time and energy trying to make it so, why not be happy with the way we were made and focus on being people who have good characters and enjoy life? That's what I'm trying for.

Anyway, enough of me talking. My photos of no makeup. I rarely wear makeup anyway, but here are beautiful closeups - totally unedited except for rotating them in Picasa (almost all of my photos are unedited anyway, unless there are marks from a dirty lens etc).

The red dots are the slowly fading scars from my recently removed eyebrow piercing.

I have never struggled much with acne, but I have insecurities about my face like everyone else. I'm happy with who God made me, however, and I pray that I will continue to be so. I also hope that other women (and men) will be happy with who God made them too, because it's not clear skin that makes a person beautiful, it's a joyful smile :)

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