Sunday, 6 November 2011

New Layout (and OOTD) (and makeup)

Yay! New layout! And header, although that is slightly unfinished. I don't have the time to do things on Mondays, so hopefully that will get sorted on Tuesday. Even with it unfinished, I do prefer this layout over the original. Blue is actually my favourite colour, but I had to take advantage of an old impromptu photoshoot taken by myself while sitting on the floor in some shop waiting for my best friend to try on clothes. They are some of the only photos I actually have against a backdrop that isn't busy. I know, I'm a terrible photographer!

For more proof of that last statement, two days' outfits. But not actually, because it turns out that Friday's outfit photos are on the other camera, so I only have Friday night's outfit (I wore three different outfits on Friday!).

Onto the photos! These are from Friday night after about 10:30pm when my friend and I went out clubbing (for my third time this year - I'm such a wild partier).

This top probably wouldn't be my first choice if I wasn't in a huge rush...

Do I put together good outfits when I get home at 10:30pm and have to shower and change to get somewhere by 11pm? No!

Was I more modest than almost every other girl in the club? Yes! Success.

The reason for the many changes on Friday is that after work my youth group had a fireworks thing with two other youth groups and we're all rural youth groups so I knew I'd be stepping in horse poo, getting cold and standing on embers. All of that happened, especially since our bonfire got rather out of control and set a tree on fire. We got it under control though! It was very exciting xD

Why yes, I am wearing the same dress as on Friday. Problem?

Today's outfit was a mishmash of stuff thrown together since I had no idea at all what to wear and was running late for church. The only idea I had was silver and pink eyeshadow, which you can't even see in my photo! Very unflattering photo, too, but sometimes that's life! I felt just fine in this outfit and that's the important thing. It was actually too hot during the day to wear the tights and shoes, but I wore them to church in the morning and afternoon, so I figured that was my actual outfit.

I do love this dress. It's a good length, nicely fitted in the top and then more flared at the bottom and it just feels nice. It's quite wintery and heavy though, but that's ok. I do want to wear more jewellery or something, because I suck at accessorising!

I bought mascara today, since mine is several years old and I heard on the grapevine that you're meant to throw it away after three months. I have two and one is probably two years old, with the other being closer to six. Bwa ha ha ha! And I still use them, but I wanted to see what liquid mascara was like (as opposed to the paste mine is xD). I also bought black liquid eyeliner, again to see what it was like.



Moisturiser. I haz it.

Yes, you're shocked.

Why are you shocked?

Because obviously I have moisturiser. Everyone does.

Only after today, dear ones! I did have some sort of spray stuff called Body Cocoon by Garnier that I liked quite a bit, because it was spray and not very greasy, but I don't use it. I decided that what would get me to use moisturiser was sunscreen. I am very keen on sunscreen and wear it every day in summer. Since we seem to be approaching summer (which surprises me, as it's not December yet), I figured it was time for the sunscreen and while I love my Neutrogena SPF 80 (oh yes) stuff, I thought that for my face I might try to find something a little less sunscreeny for work days when I'm not in the sun much. So Neutrogena non-oily SPF15 moisturiser was bought! We'll see how long I use it.

If you can contain your shock that I am 20 and only beginning to moisturise now, I will enlighten you about my beauty regimen. I own shampoo, conditioner (for normal hair, even though mine is clearly coloured), soap of some description, toothpaste, a hairbrush and a little comb aaand....nail polish remover (oh, and my Body Cocoon). I don't own makeup remover despite owning a lot of makeup, I use lipbalm a lot and drink a lot of water, but I don't wash my face (with soap or cleanser, I do wash it with water), tone my face or moisturise my face. My daily makeup consists of sunscreen and lipbalm. When I do wear makeup, I wear mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Occasionally I try to wear lipstick, do the funny thing where it turns into lipliner halfway through the day and then vow to never wear it again.

As you can tell, I have something against putting stuff on my face. I will tell you what that is.


I haaaaaaaate the feeling of moisturiser, sunscreen, pizza, hot chips, unwashed hair, unwashed skin or anything remotely greasy. I eat my pizza either by holding my plate to my face or with a fork and knife. I try not to touch any food except watery or dry stuff. To wash my face with soap or cleanser is to invite oily skin (although there's probably some sort of cleanser out there that doesn't - I am aware there is! I just don't want to bother!), to moisturise is to feel icky, to sunscreen is the same but I put up with that because I don't want skin cancer or to lose my delicious white skin.

I don't wear foundation or concealer partly because I don't want to feel like I have to cover up my imperfections, because I don't want to aim for physical perfection. It's also partly because I do have nice skin (although I have seen many, many women who I believe have nicer skin but they feel the need to cover it with foundation while telling me that of course I don't need to, my skin is great).

So with this moisturiser I am dipping my toe into realising that maybe my skin needs a bit of care. I might even cleanse it if I read something that convinces me I need to. If I ever start wearing foundation or concealer, please someone be concerned.


I will post photos of the mascara and eyeliner! When I wear them.

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