Saturday, 12 November 2011

A short OOTD

Outfit of the night, really. I will need to show you might outfit of the day sometime because it's a really good comfy outfit for me, but I need to take photos of it to see if it looks ok xD

My friend's 21st tonight and the theme was opshop (or thrift, for you Americans). I thought this would be fine as I used to opshop a lot, but I've just thrown away most of my opshop purchases because they were poorly fitting and not worn at all lately. That means I had hardly anything to choose from! My outfit ended up consisting of a free top I love and a skirt I was going to throw away because of its length (or lack thereof) that may have been opshopped but I can't remember because I've owned it for so many years. I know I didn't buy it! My coat was the real deal, though, having been bought at Toffs (an opshop here in Christchurch) and then covered in safety pins by yours truly. Shoes were brand new (today!) as were the tights - which were totally necessary given the skirt's length.

See? Safety pin coat :) The greeny bit on the left (of me) is a cross I sewed with wool.

Skirt too short for me. I love it though *sigh* Tonight was its final bash.

Jazz hands!

New shoes from Farmers. $80 down to $40. Cheap as quality, but I knew I couldn't wear them much due to their height anyway so it wasn't worth buying expensive.

Oh, new tights too. Woollen herringbone. Yes, they are awesome.

So today was somewhat of a shopping spree day. In the February earthquake, the central city branch of Farmers was damaged and for insurance purposes they weren't allowed to sell the stock at full price. This is awesome for us (less awesome for them) because it means that everything is at least 50% off! And there are crazy lines to get into this giant warehouse full of stuff. My mother thought today was the manchester sale (which I don't think is a word Americans use. Umm. Bedding and towels and things.) so we toddled along. Turns out it was makeup, tights, handbags, perfume and shoes :D I'm not interested in perfume or handbags but tights, shoes and makeup? Yes please!

I ended up spending $127 on stuff that was retailing for a total of $322. Yay bargains! Most of the stuff was stuff I had been wanting for a while too, not just bought because it was on sale. (The shoes may have been because they were on sale xD). My tights, for example, were an awesome find. I have been hunting for woollen tights for ages and all of a sudden I found two pairs! Herringbone and rib knit. $37 and $43 respectively, down to $11.20 and $12.90. Oh yeah. All figures are in NZD, by the way.

So I've been meaning to post way more lately, but this weekend has been mega busy from..well, from Wednesday actually. I've been doing stuff every day and evening so I am worn out. I will be getting more blogging done soon, when things relax again after tomorrow.

Until then, peace!

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