Wednesday, 30 November 2011

*sparkle* (OOTD)

Well, so much for a week off! I had to go into work on Monday, then had Tuesday off but felt like rubbish and therefore didn't get to enjoy my day much and today was back at work. Thursday and Friday will be work too and then camp is on Friday evening! Monday I'll be back at work and will have to wait all the way until the weekend to get some time off - permanent time off, hopefully! Unfortunately, that stolen time off plus needing to get my talk for the camp finished (I didn't procrastinate on it....yeah right) means that bloggy time (or rest my eyes so my headache goes away time) is limited! As in limited to right now and then maybe I will see you next weekend :O

Hopefully I'll be able to post again next week sometime. Should be fiiiiiine.

Sunday's outfit for a casual evening of hanging with my youth group kids (aged 16ish). It was a very youth groupy day, as I had a social afternoon at the pool (and spa, yay) of one of the other leaders with my youth group kids (aged 11ish).

I am so sad this romper is too short for non-tights wear, as it is great for hot weather!

Pretend that I'm actually perched on a ledge 10 stories above the ground. Badass, yes?

Pretty sure I look like my mother here. Spaaaaaaaarkly eyeshadow!

Well, that's all for me tonight folks. I'll get real life over and done with as quickly as possible so I can get back to rambling here about my physical resemblance to my mother. If you're lucky, I might even move on to how I sound like her when I answer the phone ;)

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