Thursday, 22 December 2011

Certain that this was the end (OOTD)

Today was a good day of housework. My little brother asked me to take him to his friend's house and I got all ready to take him, went to pick up the keys and realised I didn't have a car. He then got his friend's brother to drive all the way to our house to pick him up! The sneaky wee boy. So my nice outfit (featuring brand new skirt) was delegated to a chores outfit. I cleaned the whole lounge, so we're finally set for Christmas. Dad uses our lounge as a study so his papers were all over the floor. I'm quite proud of how it looks, actually. I'll go take a photo of it for you.

Ta da! That jungle in the background is my backyard.

I've been pretty depressed lately as a combination of break-up blues and lack of productivity. I've had no work so I've had plenty of opportunity to do lots of things like sew, tidy, clean, cook etc but I've been sucked up by Skyrim and depression instead.

Still! Today was better, due to productivity increases and an outfit I liked. It's the ex's birthday so I've had no chance to get him out of my head today, but time will help.

And thus, outfit:

Shirt: K-mart - Skirt: Glassons Outlet

Oh yeah, did I mention I dyed my hair again on Saturday night?

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