Friday, 23 December 2011

Excitement Abounds

I've been getting the travel bug lately, but with no way to travel (except for a short trip to Auckland in January) I've just been restless as anything. Since leaving the city is a no-go next year (third year of a three year contract) and as my mother reminds me constantly, life isn't about going on lots of holidays, I have been dropping my horizons until I reached the lofty goal of changing my bedroom around somehow (extravagant, aren't I?). Unfortunately, my room is about at its peak for efficient use of space, so changing anything would be a step backward.

Enter the caravan!

Our friends have been using us to store a caravan for the past two years. It's not a particularly nice one and it's smaller than my actual bedroom, but I want the challenge of making a space my own for the first time in my life. My bedroom is mine...but not really. It's full of stuff that I don't really care about and doesn't show who I am at all. But I can't be bothered going through it all and getting rid of it because I am a packrat and I'm afraid that as soon as I throw stuff out I'm going to need it really badly.

Since the caravan is small and I may have to give up residency at a moment's notice, moving in there will be a good step for me to work out what I really like and be able to decorate something how I like it. I don't even know what I like, so it will be exciting.

It's an impractical and rather childish thing to do, kind of like building myself a fort in the living room. But it sounds fun and I probably have quite a lot of holiday before me since I can't really get a job and then go straight on holiday to Auckland, so for most of January I will be free to play around in my caravan fort :)

I'll take pictures of it tomorrow when I get the key off our friends.

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