Thursday, 8 December 2011

Gettin' Wiggy wit It

I bought a wig on Trademe (NZ equivalent of eBay) after seeing a few bloggers with them. I'd never really considered trying them before, probably because my best friend in primary school had a few wigs because of losing her hair from chemotherapy so I associated wigs with cancer patients and not something you wear for fun (although I did like trying on hers!). Also wigs like that are expensive and when I have hair of my own it seemed ridiculous to me that I'd spend so much getting pretend hair. And surely the only alternative was those crappy brightly coloured wigs that are clearly fake?

Not so, apparently. I decided to hunt for wigs on Trademe and found ones that although weren't dead ringers for real hairstyles, were close enough that they might be worth purchasing. $15.50 and two days later, I drove home in excitement and pulled a small amount of silky but dead weight out of a courier bag. It was kinda freaky, actually. Almost like a little dead animal.


I giggled at it for a bit and then plonked it onto my head, where it clearly looked like a wig. After having my younger brother say I looked like I was from the 70s and my youngest brother say I looked ridiculous (while looking a little scared, I might add) I was somewhat disheartened. I wore it for a bit to see how it felt (I can't wear hats for long because my extremely sensitive forehead gets itchy reaaalllly quickly) and then Mum came home. And made a :/ face. I made a :( face. And then I put it on her...

And we both made :D faces. So much hilarity ensued! I was laughing so much that I was doubled over in pain from laughter. My dad coming home and telling me I am a very weird child didn't help. The wig made up for its price in that laughter alone!

I changed out of my boring work clothes into my "I feel awesome wearing this" clothes and instantly felt better. Add a blue headband (my favourite colour) and bright pink makeup (my second favourite colour) and all of a sudden my new wig looks less 70s sad and more 50s housewife gone crazy. Ohhh yeah.

But do not take my word for it! Take a look yourselves and agree with me: crazy 1950s housewife vibe, yes?

Blue blush, just for a change. Next time I might endarken my eyebrows too.

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