Thursday, 15 December 2011

Good times, bad times

Man, I am so behind with this bloggy thing! I have three days worth of outfits that have not even been uploaded yet, not to mention my bra thing that was meant to happen this week and probably won't due to having to fix my car. It's been a pretty intense two weekends though, with youth group camp last weekend, then four parties and then a trip away this weekend. I will show a few highlights of the trip away (weekend outfits to come later):

What a gorgeous back lawn! This was the backyard of the place we stayed at.

Me making squinty faces at the camera next to my anonymous sunbathing friend.

Experimenting with different settings on the camera.

It was a trip away for work, for we youthworkers to recharge and spend time hanging out. It was only for two nights but it was a lot of fun and very relaxing. It was also good timing, as I needed the space to clear my head and make the difficult decision to break up with my boyfriend. He is a wonderful man but since I am the older one (at only 20), I think we both need a little bit of space to grow into who we are as individuals. That's especially important for him because I am quite a demanding young lady and I don't want to be squashing him.

So that was the sad part of my trip away, but I guess it's easier to recover from sad things like that when you have other things making you happy. I bought him Skyrim so he wouldn't notice (I kid, it was for his birthday).

The other big event from last weekend was that my car died. At first we thought it was only temporary, but then it turned into a bigger thing. Then we thought it was well and truly dead, but then we discovered it might be repairable. Therefore I am in the process of pulling my car's engine apart to replace the head gasket. That's exciting enough as it is, but add my total lack of mechanical knowledge and we are partying hard!

Attempting to pull the intake manifold off.

I have two reasons for attempting this myself: getting it fixed by an actual mechanic would cost more than the car is worth now that it's 24 years old and I really want the knowledge and being hands-on is the best way for me to learn. So far I'm enjoying it, though putting it back together will be difficult!

Right, I am needed at work now since with my car in hospital I have to pick Mum up from work!

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