Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas (OOTD)

Merry Christmas everyone :) I'm writing this in the evening of Boxing Day, but I'm sure for some of you it's still Christmas. I hope everyone had a great day and spent a lot of time enjoying their family and friends.

My Christmas was...average. As I get older I can see that my priorities and what I look forward to on the day are going to have to change, because although looking forward to presents is fun, it's not all-consuming like when I was a kid. We weren't able to spend Christmas with our extended family because none of them live in New Zealand (all Australians!) and we were too disorganised to spend it with friends, so it was just my little family of five opening presents and then drifting off to go on the computer or read like we normally do. There were a few upset moment and grumpy faces, too. Not my favourite Christmas, that's for sure.

However, we did get time to remember that Christmas isn't about getting presents, or even spending time with family (ideally happy time xD), but that it's about remembering that God himself chose to come to Earth to join in our suffering and our reality in order to do even more of the work for us to obtain salvation. It just boggles my mind that He has so much power that He can create the universe just by speaking and yet He is the one who bends over backwards in order to lift the puny, disobedient creatures He created out of our sin and into His love. Pretty awesome and I'm glad we had an opportunity to once again be reminded of that.

Today was much nicer, family-wise. Mum and I set to work on the caravan. It has now been washed fully on the outside, vacuumed, had all the curtains taken off and washed, all the stuff inside been chucked or rearranged, all the seats and mattresses taken out and beaten and (where possible) the covers been taken off and cleaned. Tomorrow's plan is more cleaning of those seats and mattresses and scrubbing the whole place raw, as well as hopefully getting the power working.

My plan is to see if my computer will work on our wireless network and move in when the place is clean, using all my stuff from my glory box for cutlery, sheets, decorations etc. I will also attempt to only wear the clothes that will actually fit inside the caravan. After I move in, I'll slowly work on making the place look nicer. Since it's not mine, I can't do anything permanent about the peeling wallpaper or broken drawer, but I'll do what I can to make it nice!

Some photos of the pre-clean caravan (though in hindsight, I could've gotten way better photos!) and my outfit of Christmas Eve.

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