Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Away Again!

Over the summer holidays I tend to disappear a lot. I go to Australia or other parts of New Zealand, because I have the time and usually I've been working all year, so I have the money. I am continuing this trend by so far going on a camp, going to Tekapo, going to Motueka, going on a week-long tramp, going to Dunedin and now going to Auckland. When I come back from Auckland, the holidays will be over and it will be time to work again! Yay!

Well, the wedding in Dunedin was wonderful. It was so exciting to see two people so much in love be wed. I'm super happy for them and almost cried many times - the only thing stopping me was knowing I have no idea how to cry whilst wearing mascara xD

I took many photos of the wedding, but I don't really like showing photos of other people on my blog (some people are uncomfortable with it) so I'll just show one photo of the couple. And the outfit that I was meant to wear, but failed to do so because of extremely poor planning.

It was quite an intense weekend, since we got up on the Saturday morning to make the five hour drive, got there in time to get ready and then went to the wedding. After the wedding I hung out with some friends and we walked around Dunedin (me wearing my nice dress, jeans I borrowed from one of my guy friends and bare feet) until the reception. I was at the front table of the reception! It was pretty awesome being so close to all the action.

Then the people I was getting a ride with left without me, which was kind of a bummer (especially since I was meant to be sober driver because they were all drunk!) but I had many other offers of rides, so it didn't really matter. One of my closest friends has just moved down to Wanaka and it was the last time for a while that I'd see him, so I got to spend some time talking to him.

This is almost the outfit I wore to the wedding. I forgot the belt so I had to wear my mustard belt, which did not work very well! However...
This is how this dress looks without a belt.
I borrowed this dress and these shoes from my friend to see if I wanted to wear them to the wedding. Although I love the style of the dress, the pattern was too gothic for my taste. Unfortunately the shoes were too big and I couldn't walk in them :(

They're zombie shoes! They're so cool. I wish I could fit them.
Bride, groom and groom's father (and whatever they call the person officiating the wedding - celebrant?) enjoying a laugh. I wish I had a photo of her dress. Simply gorgeous.

In two hours I will be on a plane to Auckland to visit my best friend for five days, so I will probably not be around. For that reason, instead of packing I am writing this and another blog post so I don't go two weeks without posting!

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