Thursday, 5 January 2012

From Outer Space

I'm back! But with no photos to show you, because I didn't take a camera. That is a pity, but when you don't own your own camera and the people who do own them go on (different) holidays, you can't complain. Instead, you do your best to remember what happened and then write it on your blog so that when you do forget a few weeks later you can go back and refresh your memory.

That's what I'm going to do, anyway. (I'm not a good photographer anyway, so you're not missing out.)

I drove up to Motueka on Saturday, which was a bad idea. Motueka is hugely popular over New Years because of the drug-filled, drunken parties that tend to go on around there (and the residents of Motueka don't participate in, usually) so of course every single inhabitant of Christchurch was on the same road I was. I passed probably about 30 cars on the five hour drive and was still always behind somebody slow.

I made it to Motueka and went to stay at my friend Caroline's place. They were planning to have a lot of people around to celebrate New Year's Eve, and it wasn't long before some of the youth group turned up. We decided to play Cranium and my team lost (only just). Then the adults arrived and we split into males vs females in a big game of Trivial Pursuit. We didn't know what year the game was made, but it was well before I was born, so the adults had a distinct advantage over the younger kids, who spent most of the game trying not to look bored. I enjoyed myself, even though I could only answer a few of the questions. My team won, narrowly. A good way to spend my New Year's Eve, since normally I spend it sleeping.

New Year's Day was the bit I was really looking forward to because it was a Sunday. We went to church and then ended up spending the entire day with the youth group. After church we had lunch and played Balderdash at Caroline's (where you each have to invent a definition for a word and then everyone has to guess what the correct definition is - I'm not good at the game and the only part during which I stand out at all is when the person is choosing a word, because I often know what the definition is, forcing them to choose another :D), then went to the Riwaka School pool to play around and go on their slide (a normal playground slide that goes into the pool xD). After swimming, we played volleyball. Finally we went back to Caroline's house to watch Step Up 3 - but only the dancing - and then a stand-up routine by Eddie Izzard. It was a very full and fun day.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, except that the next afternoon Caroline and I played Diablo 2 and then I played Spore for nearly nine hours straight (don't ask me why).

All in all, it was a perfect New Years. Exactly the excitement and people I needed after my very quiet Christmas.

What did you all get up to for New Years? I hope everyone had a great change of year.

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