Friday, 6 January 2012

Nothing Says A New Year Like A Bad Collage

Okay, everyone else is doing it, so I will too. Exciting outfits of 2011! (Let's ignore that I started in October.)

But first, I want to laugh about my friends saying I'm skinny. I'm a member of Alterations Needed, though most of what goes on there is of no help to me since they're all discussing American brands xD Anyway, I'd say most of the women on there are below 55kg. Many are below 45kg. They range in height from about 4'10" (with a few shorter, I think) to 5'5", with most being 5'0" to 5'3". I'm about 5'0" and weigh 62kg currently (sorry for mixing Imperial and Metric! It's how I was taught xD).

There are some ladies on there who weigh more than I do, and probably who weigh less than I do but have bigger measurements. I'm not saying I'm a whale compared to the ladies of Alterations Needed or anything, but if you stretched us out to "normal" height they'd still be slim and I'd be plus size. Easily.

The only thing that bothers me about all this is my friends who tell me that I'm so skinny and when I explain that actually, considering my lack of height I'm not skinny they tell me to not be silly and that I shouldn't feel bad about myself.

Can't a girl be short and squidgy and have people accept that she loves it? Golly.

Anyway, rantbling over (rant + rambling = rantbling). Photos!

It is extremely late and I want to go to bed, so please excuse my very poorly done collage (you'd never guess I studied web design, would you?).

Some favourite and some disliked outfits from 2011. Fortunately the favourites outweigh the disliked. Guess which are my top and bottom choices :)

And on that note, to bed with me!

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