Monday, 16 January 2012

Oh, I'm a Genius (OOTD)

I feel like I've been gone for ages! Going on a tramp* for six days does that to you, though. Definitely no internet in the middle of the mountains. I went on a tramp with Wide Open Spaces, which is a small Christian organisation with the intent to help young people connect with God by appreciating His creation. (This was the post about our group.) It was the longest tramp I've been on and the first tramp four of the young people had been on (six days is quite intense for a first!). I would have taken lots of photos, but I dropped my brother's camera in a river on the second day *headdesk*

As it is, I got a few blurry and otherwise poorly taken (hard to take a good photo when you only have a few seconds before you have to move again) photos to share! Yay!

In other news, I managed to take some outfit photos yesterday with the camera I dropped in the river. It took a while, because the camera kept randomly changing to different modes or not letting me press buttons, and then it turned out that I can't actually connect it to the computer to upload the photos anymore. Hooray! Fortunately my camera (which only works sporadically) uses the same size sd card, so I was able to upload them today.

(And by they I mean one.)

I was wearing my black sandals for two minutes, but the holes on the top of my big toes prevented that being a viable choice of footwear. Hopefully they and the holes at the back of my heels will heal before the wedding I'm going to on Saturday.

I hope everyone had a good week too!

*For those of you who aren't Kiwis, tramping means hiking in our vernacular ;)

Oh! I still haven't shown you photos of my haircut. I could do that.

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