Friday, 17 February 2012

Handing Them Out

I gave a bra away today. I took my friend bra shopping, while wearing one of my favourite bras. She was wearing a 12C and I managed to convince her that she's at least an 8F. The bra I was wearing was an 8F, she's poor and I'm actually an 8FF. We found me the same bra in 8FF and all of a sudden we both have new bras?

The stink part is that the construction of the bra changes after an F cup. My new bra has three hooks instead of two (not complaining), a centre gore that comes higher up (weird and slightly annoying, because the top of the gore has no underwire and now pulls away from my chest) and underwire that comes further up the side of the cup (extremely irritating as I now get stabbed in the armpit). Not pleased! Hopefully it gets comfier or I'll have to buy another 8F and find a taller 8FF to give this one to.

Stupid bra construction aside, this particular friend was my third to get fitted by/advice from me since I've discovered the joys of bras that fit. I've fitted another and given advice to a second. Today's friend went from a 12C to an 8F, one went from a 12C (I think) to an 8E and one from a 12C to a 10DD/E. I went from a 12C to an 8FF. Such a change! I'm excited that I've been able to show my friends that better sizes are out there and gratified that they've listened to me. I do feel a bit guilty that I've stopped them being able to buy bras cheaply and easily since they're now sized out of most brands carried by most stores in New Zealand, but at least they know now and the bras they do buy will actually make them feel good (here's hoping, anyway).

My next targets are my mum and her best friend. Wish me luck :D

(I also have a bra that's 8E on the label but about a 10DD or possibly even 12D because the back of it is sooooo stretchy. I'm happy to give that away to anyone, including people overseas. Anyone want it? It's pretty!)

(Oh! Forgot to mention that an 8F in NZ is a 30F in the UK and apparently a 30DDDD in the US. And an 8FF is a US 30G, I think.)


  1. what a good friend you are! i think 1/2 the women in the world probably wear the wrong bra size. good luck with your mom!!!

    1. Thank you :) I like to give stuff away. It's fun and it reminds me of how blessed I am to have so much stuff in the first place. Shopping with Mum was a success too!

  2. The 30 DDDD ia a G in the US and DDDDD(5) is an H. Felina has the D count( 32DDDD/G) and a slash with the letter. Wacoal/and btemptd has 3 D's as 30DDD, then 30G, and Wacoal has 32 to H cup.

    You have a great website :)


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