Thursday, 8 March 2012

I can't do hair

Some of you may have noticed by now that I am not one to have the same hairstyle year in, year out. Sometimes I don't even have the same hairstyle leaving the month that I did entering it. I change a lot. To illustrate that, I am going to post some photos of my hairstyles over the past seven years (since I can't find any photos on my computer from before 2005). I'll be posting them over two posts, because, well, there are rather a lot for one post.

This wholesale posting of many embarrassing photos of my hairstyles has two goals: firstly so that I'll have a good way to compare all my various documented hairstyles (since I only plugged to the idea of actually documenting them recently) for future reference and also so that you all see that I am not good with hair.

I'm good at getting my hair cut - my usual reaction to getting my hair lopped off is a huge sense of excitement and I have never understood those ladies on telly who cry when they have to have a haircut (ANTM, anyone?). Haircuts are fun, girls! I'm also good at getting my hair dyed, which is helped along by the love of haircuts. My hair is healthy because I rarely dye the same hair more than twice (and often only once). I am good at low maintenance. Need someone to spring out of bed, pull their fingers through their hair once and then be on with their day? I'm your woman. In fact, I have at several times had hair so short it didn't even require fingerbrushing.

I am not good at putting my hair up, putting decorative thingies in my hair, curling my hair, straightening my hair, curling or straightening anyone else's hair (and I've tried) or otherwise doing anything interesting with my hair except having slightly radical style ideas, occasionally pulling them off and occasionally failing to, and then resigning myself to my hair never again looking like it did at the hairdressers but rather doing what it likes while I hope it's windy outside (fortunately it usually is, being Christchurch).

My recent purchase of a wig (try to guess which photo it is - hint: it's not in this lot of photos) that has longer hair mine save my rat's tail means that I have opportunities to experiment with hair styling that doesn't involve bleach, dye or scissors. I have already made use of this with headscarves and hairtyes! And even a few bobby pins. However, I am determined to do more. I will have to do it skilfully too since if I'm not careful the netting of the wig shows through - or my pink hair does. Please give me ideas, either by posting comments or by styling your own hair fabulously and then posting tutorials. I will love you forever!

My, I am loquacious right now.

Lo and behold, some (not all) of my hairstyles between 2005 and 2009 inclusive:

Christmas 2005

June 2006 - look at those crooked glasses! Seeing these photos again after a couple of years made me paranoid about crooked glasses.

December 2006

Ma birthday! 5th April 2007

Sometime in 2007 after April. At a sleepover with my best friends. I am still best friends with the two on the left and still friends with the one next to me, just not as close.
For the first time in about four years, in April 2008 my hair was its natural colour again. I didn't usually dress like this - it was Scene Queen day on my international roleplaying forum and I was keen to participate!
My school ball, June 2008. My whole ensemble that night was unflattering. Look at my camo watch!

Also not an everyday look for me. A Punks and Hippies party in September 2008.

Long, naturally coloured hair! This, I understand, is what girls are "meant to look like". I get quite a few guys telling me I should go back to this. But I can do one better. January 2009, by the way.
The day after the last photo! I got my hair streaked. I have had many, many guys make unsolicited comments of how I look "so hot" like this and I should go back to this hairstyle. This marks one of the lowest points of my self-esteem in my life, not because of those comments (I wasn't getting them at the time because I was doing what they wanted) but because I hated long blonde hair (on me) and I was heading towards it just because it would make me more attractive.

This is the result of realising why I was so miserable with myself, four months later (April 2009).

Now back to my normal strange self! June 2009

A slight change shortly after, due to a poor bleaching job by the hairdresser and a change of vision on my part. Also June 2009.
My second school ball, July 2009. I looked much better at this one than my last, having grown completely into my weirdness and love of unnatural hair colours. No more camo watch, either.
As my pink faded, I added blue in August 2009. This is probably one of my favourite hairstyles. My dozy expression probably adds to that.
My worst hairstyle ever! The pink had faded and the sides were too long. October 2009.

I had to go purple once, even though I don't like the colour. This was not the best way to do it but at least it's better than the blonde 'hawk xD November 2009.

This particular hairstyle earned me the compliment "the epitome of how good short hair looks on girls". This was, actually, the start of my rat's tail (the back is a thin mullet resulting in the start of a rat's tail). December 2009.


  1. I love love love short hair. I think short hair on a woman is so sexy and understated.

    I really like that you've played around with your hairstyles so much over the years! June 2006 was probably my favorite look.

    I think you would look really great with a cut/style like this in your natural color :

    1. I will keep that style in mind, Megan. I've never tried to do anything like that before (I think).

      I love short hair too xD My problem with it is that I never know what to do with my fringe (do you call it bangs?). If my fringe is longer than a couple of centimetres it starts going straggly, which drives me nuts. My fringe is the part of my hair that I struggle with most, because when it's straggly it also looks greasy very quickly :(

  2. I actually relate to this a lot! I never really was good at "doing my hair". Basically it was straight and varying degrees of long throughout most of my life. I chopped off about 8 inches a few years ago, leaving it at a little below shoulder length, and then I grew it out until October of last year so I could go get about 15 inches cut off to donate - leaving me with a haircut very much like the one in the last picture! I was so ready to have my hair gone at that point that I couldn't at all understand the other girls gasping and crying and asking if I was going to be okay as I was getting all my hair cut off. :P

    So I've had very short hair for about 4-5 months now, and still trying to get a feel for how to style it (you can kind of see it in a picture I have on Twitter). It's kind of easy and hard to deal with at the same time! But overall, I like it a lot. :) I just wish I could describe exactly how I wanted it styled whenever I have someone cut it, cuz it turns out different every time.

    1. Haha that's an awesome picture! Bra Ninja xD I find hair that's very short is easy to clean and look after, but hard to style (if it's possible at all). However, when I had long hair my "styling" consisted of putting it in a ponytail every single day because it annoyed me. From what I can see of that picture, your short hair looks great.

      See, I don't have that problem because I have never tried to get the same result twice. To have the same hairstyle twice is a bit shameful to me, and so I am sorry to say that I have actually done it a few times due to lack of ideas. It means I don't have to worry about consistent hairdressing xD Especially since my mother and I cut my hair at the moment anyway.

  3. Really enjoyed this post! Its cool watching it change over the years, like a personal diary. Its cool to see you change over the years even through I dont know you personally!

    1. Thank you :) I will have to do part 2 now. You reminded me! I think of it as a diary too. Usually if I see a photo, I can tell when it was by what hair I have, which is a great thing for a person who can't even remember what she did the day before.

      And thanks for visiting my blog :)


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