Monday, 12 March 2012

Impromptu (OOTD)

Sometimes I can throw an outfit together with very little planning and it looks great; sometimes I will throw an outfit together and it will look as though I got dressed in the dark. Today I will share two examples that show what I mean.

One of them will be quite mussed, because I had to climb through our toilet window to get into the house, as I'd been locked out. It was a great adventure, and fortunately I'm little or I would've had to wait over an hour for my mum to get home. Instead I made it inside and managed to clean the kitchen before she got home, giving me warm fuzzy feelings and her an opportunity to relax.

My first outfit was from Sunday a week ago, when I'd spent my entire day in pyjamas right up until I had to leave for the youth group that I lead.

Playing Ninja Tag with my youth group kids.
My skirt is too short, so I'm wearing shorts underneath it.

My second outfit was today, when I had to leave for school and had noooo idea what to wear. I had thought of wearing all very bright colours, but it was too cold for tights.

The top is a nice butter yellow, not cream. Didn't feel like taking photos, so didn't check quality.

I cut my hair today! I was bored with my hair and had been planning a change soon anyway. I had a mad impulse to cut the colour out of my hair, which is what I then did. I will indubitably change it again shortly, but I am quite happy with a cut I did myself in the bathroom with a mirror (and scissors, of course). It's now all my natural colour, too, which is a bit strange!

Improved outfit after haircut. I am wearing leather-look leggings. Too bad it was past 10pm when I took the photos.


  1. Awesome eye makeup and I LOVE how your hair turned out. It looks really great and spunky :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by
    I love your new haircut and you did yourself, i would not dare to cut my hair
    I love what you wore at the youth group, very pretty


    1. Thanks Ariane! Thanks for returning the call xD In the past I wouldn't have dared to cut my own hair, but since I change my hair instead of doing upkeep, I'd be broke if I went to the hairdresser every time!

  3. I love those cute pink tights in your first outfit!

    See Me Rwar


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