Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Hair, Part 2

Looking through all of these photos and trying to tell the story behind them all, I realise that although I've tried to include all the photos I have of deliberate changes on my part (of colour and cut), my hair has gone through so many other looks due to it growing out or losing colour. Although there are people out there who change their hair far more often than I do, compared to most people my hair is a many changing creature - to the point where I can change hair colour dramatically and people won't notice, but others will get two inches trimmed off their long hair and everyone is exclaiming. I find that absolutely fascinating. At one point it did offend me, but now I realise that it's hard for people to keep track of my changes since they occur so often.

I have been bolder over the past two years in my hairstyle and colour choice, probably since I shaved my head. Going shorter than almost every guy I know is quite a good way to test whether I have the resolve to deal with negative comments to do with my appearance. I certainly got enough from having a shaved head! Oh my, did the lesbian comments come out then.

Hair is extremely important to many women; it has been referred to as our "crowning glory" and some women take that to mean that they must never, ever change what works for them. Well, it's probably cheaper for them! My hair has long shown my personality, and looking back I can recognise that when my hair has been long it has been when my assertive nature and fierce determination to not be held down to arbitrary standards have been squashed under poor self-esteem and a desire to be attractive to certain outspoken males in my life (who are now unwelcome!).

Perhaps I will reach a day where I can stay with a particular hairstyle for more than a few months. If I do, I hope I'll still be around to tell you about it! In the meantime I will continue to change.

March 2010. This particular mix of colours had me nicknamed Pepsi for a while.

May 2010. I really, really like this hairstyle but this is it just back from the hairdressers. You can see it has product in it; I don't think I ever again managed to get it to look like this, since I don't own a straightener (and wouldn't know how to use it if I did) and hate product! You can see my rat's tail there :)

August 2010. This hairstyle ended up having the top clipped up into a front poof, since I couldn't stand it over my eyes.
September 2010. Dyed my hair with cheap permanent dye and watched the front turn a strange orangey pink because of the bleach. I got my nose pierced only a few days after this photo!
December 2010. This was right before I went to Australia by myself for two weeks, so I wanted a hairstyle that was edgy and brave, like I was trying to be (I am not easily social and I was at a backpackers by myself!). Unfortunately, it required a lot of upkeep, which I failed at.

February 2011. Would've been a much better option for Aussie, but nevermind. I do like red.

April 2011. My mother was sure that black would look terrible on me and I was sure I wanted to try dyeing my hair every colour. Black ended up suiting me well, though the plaster over my eyebrow to stop myself touching my eyebrow piercing ruins the look somewhat.

May 2011. When I got my mohawk in Dec 2010 I also wanted strips shaved into my head like a lot of rugby boys get here. The hairdresser talked me out of it (annoying woman! I am too passive), so I got Mum to shave my head and shave lines into the side of my head using nose hair trimmers (bought for my head shaving). I had an x on this side and an = on the other because Mum shaved this side crooked. It actually turned out better than originally thought and man I looked tough xD

September 2011. I really like having blonde hair, but I never do upkeep so I can't have it very long. This hair was blonde for..one day, I think.

September 2011. This was why I went blonde. I did this just in time for my boyfriend's school ball. His mother was quite...shocked lol

October 2011. The sad thing about such bright hair colour is that it fades incredibly quickly. Thus, dying my hair again a month later, this time with more blue. I prefer this, though my hair was getting too long.

December 2011. And then I grew my hair really fast and it turned dark brown!

December 2011. I should really have a photo of my hair longer and blue and pink, but I don't. Using the same colours that I used in March 2010, I dyed it the inversion of last time, but I still didn't like it because of the length. Eventually I sacrificed some of the colour for a cut I preferred.

March 2012. You have all just seen this one, but it is my latest! And it's very normal, by my standards. I am happy with it though.


  1. If I had straight hair, I would definitely play around with it more and experiment. I feel like with how curly my hair is my only options are to cut it, let it grow, or straighten it.

    1. My mum feels the same way. However, the advantage you have with your hair is that it looks amazing without so much styling! I wonder if there are websites out there that do have ideas for styling such curly hair. I know there are websites devoted to curly hair, so they might have styling advice.

  2. Nice to change haircuts and color but i think i had more changes than you
    Your haircuts all look good but i must admit i prefer the last one, it shows your true beauty

    Ariane xxxx


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