Thursday, 29 March 2012

New bras!

I got new bras today :D Bendon Outlet at DressSmart in Hornby was having another of their "nothing over $20" sales (I seriously love how regularly that store has them and the ladies already recognise me <3). The only bras I actually need are a strapless and a sports bra, and since I've targeted the Panache Sport for my sports bra (but actually putting down the $100+ to own it is another matter), it's down to strapless. I got to try on a strapless bra today at Bendon - a 30G/8G - and it didn't give me quadraboob! It gave me triple boob instead. I had one giant line of weirdly squished me over the top of the bra. I have no idea why, and I couldn't try any other sizes to check if it was the particular style or the size. *sigh*

Anyway, I did get two new bras anyway because as I have been whining to Christine (and she is so good about it) I still can't get my size/style right. Not enough options here for me to be able to tell! However, going off the assumption that a 30FF/8FF is too small in the cup for me and too small in the band due to recent fat accumulation (ohh yeahhh), I bought two 32FF/10FF bras today. I am very worried that they're going to get too loose in the band and that is something I absolutely cannot stand, but at least I won't have spent too much money!

I will do a review of them after I've worn them in a bit (someone hold me to this, please!). In the meantime, I'll show you some pictures. Yay, pictures!

DimitySO Pepper Dream. I have the soft cup (still underwire!) balconette of this in 30FF. I think it's a little small, but it feels fine.

DimitySO Counting Petals. I do not have any variation on this bra, but I think it looks great on me. I hope it doesn't stretch too much!


  1. That second set is so cute, love the print.

    I need to get some new bras, I hate how expensive they are!

    1. It is really cute! I love wearing it, though the ruffles on the straps mean it's definitely not a bra to wear if you like them hidden.

      I find that although bras in general are expensive, my bras tend not to be because I hunt after sales.

      Before you do go bra shopping, check out some of these links to make sure you're wearing the right size:

      Ok, that's probably enough links. You don't need to read them all, but I'd definitely recommend having a look at the ones about bra fitting and sizing - and also the one about buying cheap bras. I'll try to find you a US-centric one.

  2. Yay for finding some bras! I'm interested to hear how they end up working for you (you're right that often you can't truly tell until after a few weeks/wearings... kind of annoying!)

    1. I've been trying to wear them as much as possible while still giving them breaks, but already I have one that works and one that doesn't. Review shortly!


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