Monday, 5 March 2012

Pon de replay (OOTD)

I actually take photos of my outfits far more often than I post them, so on days like today when my only interesting outfit detail was my two belts I can post photos from other days. Hooray!

I wore two belts because one belt wasn't enough! Though I told the kids at school I needed two belts to hold my solid gold jeans up. Since my belts were sitting over my jersey at my natural waist and I was wearing blue jeans, they didn't believe me. I spent about half an hour fielding questions about movement, whether malleable gold would collapse or not and how I could be hot enough to keep the gold malleable without burning to death. It was an entertaining and constructive lunchtime, although not very truthful. (I don't really think it counts as lying if they're aware I'm kidding and I'm aware that they're aware.)

Got home after dark, got my brother to take photos in the study (as that was where he was, playing games).

Looking back at my photos, it turns out that this outfit is an almost exact replica of the outfit I wore in December. I think I did it better this time around. What do you think?

I wore it this time to my friend's 21st, which ended up being quite an awkward event as we turned up two hours late! Not my fault, by the way. I was only about an hour late and then my two friends were another hour getting ready. Not having foundation or any sort of hair routine certainly makes getting ready faster.

One of my friends said she always loves to see what I'm wearing when we go places because I'm always different. That made me quite happy :)

Sorry if my English is poorer than usual. I am tired! I wanted to get another post done though.


  1. Love the soft print on that top, and it looks so cute with that skirt! This outfit is really flattering and you look great :)

    1. Thank you! It's a pity the outfit was wasted on a non-event, but at least I took photos. I nearly didn't!

  2. Love the colour of the skirt with the belt :)


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