Thursday, 22 March 2012

Strange Thing (OOTD)

I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm a gamer. Today I was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online, in Free For All (everyone kills everyone else as opposed to teams). I was running around dying (since I am not very good and my connection is even worse) and there was another player called Garrys Mod who was complaining a bit about the game. Then he told me to add him as a friend on Steam, the platform used to play the game. I asked him why and he said I was cool (bearing in mind that I hadn't said anything before that). He was whining a bit and his grammar was atrocious (I'm judgemental), so I said I didn't usually do that and apologised. He instantly said "ur mean" and then I got into a conversation with another player, where I revealed that I am female.

The conversation became this:

Garrys Mod: Oh you're a strippwe (means stripper)
Garrys Mod: jk
Killeh (me): *makes fun of his spelling because she isn't sure what else to say*
Garrys Mod: add me
Killeh: Why would I add you when you just called me a stripper?
Garrys Mod: It was a joke cos you're a girl lol
Another player: Not funny
Killeh: Really not funny

The game continued, with him trying to convince me to add him or he'd hack (cheat). I told him I'd rather have the hack. The match ended and the next one began.

Garrys Mod: You b*ch add me stop being a f*in b*ch.
Killeh: No. *makes a few jokes at Garrys Mod's expense, then realises she's acting badly, apologises to him for her behaviour and starts chatting to another player, ignoring Garrys Mod*
Garrys Mod: Suck my c*ck, aw girls look at my d*ck I f*ck girls.
Garrys Mod: B*ch come here I'm going to b*ch slap you b*ch. Haha at least I don't have a vagina like you.

And so on and so forth until the guy finally leaves after that match.

I have no doubt that this boy (he voice chatted at one point, revealing he was young) would have abused me if he hadn't known I was female, but I am certain his method of doing so would have been much different - less sexual, although probably not by much. The thing that disturbed me the most was this young boy's first response to learning I was female: calling me a stripper. Gamer guys often have a bad attitude towards gamer girls, but that particular comment had other guys in the game calling him out.

I hope that as he grows he learns that having such an attitude towards others - male or female - is going to get him nowhere in life; at least I hope it does get him nowhere!

Anyway, that was all very exciting. Made my otherwise crappy games more interesting.

In other news, I cut my hair again (yes again) two days ago but have been unable to take satisfactory photos since. Now I have!

I don't think my back is actually this shape. I believe my top is just doing strange stuff; I hope so, anyway.

Differently coloured to the rest of the photos. No idea why. It's a more accurate photo of my skintone though.

You should always take photos of fancy makeup sooner rather than later. My left cateye is totally messed up because I forgot I was wearing makeup. Cool look though, aye?


  1. Aw, you're so cute! :)

    It really stinks how there's a different attitude towards girl gamers. I got some of that back when I used to play (RuneScape :B) in highschool. I get that guys (especially young guys) can be immature, it's just rather disturbing that they resort to such language and sexual harassment/put-downs. I wonder if they act that way at all in real life.
    I'm sure it's mostly the old "act out to get attention," but that's really no excuse.

    1. Thanks Christine :)

      Yay RuneScape! I used to play that too. I can't really comment on inappropriate behaviour in that game though as my character's name was truhottgirl - I had a few attention issues back then xD

      I do get boys doing that to me in real life (I work at a high school) but I always face them down and usually the result is them backing down and apologising after I demand that they respect me. It'd be nice if that happened online, but since they're anonymous it's not really possible.

  2. Girl i thought i could never make my mind about my hair, but you win! I last about 6 months and you 2 weeks!
    It looks good, it looks you can get any cut you want
    I salute your guts!

    Have a good weekend

    Ariane xxxx

    1. Haha yeah sometimes I manage longer but when I haven't done what I actually wanted I change it again pretty quick. Everyone was telling me that my hair just before I shaved it was so pretty, but it wasn't what I actually wanted to do, you know?

      Thank you!

  3. love your glasses, I have a very similar pair!

    1. Thank you :) I looked through your photos but I couldn't see any photos of them, so you will have to put a post up with you wearing them so I can see them! You're so pretty and I love how much colour you wear. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. Great photos!! Nice to find a fellow Cantabrian!!!
    Check out my blog!!

    1. Hey! Nice to meet you :) It is indeed nice to find other Christchurch people :)

  5. Haha your shoulders look like superman shoulders in that pic! That skirt is the cutest. Also loving the shaved look.

    1. Haha so they do! That's awesome xD It's a Supre skirt I usually can't wear because it's see-through. So, enter slip :D

      Thanks! Normally when my hair is its natural colour I get people from church complaining that I've gone normal, but shaving the side has saved me from that xD

  6. Nice pics and nice hair. I also have a braided rat tail, same color and lenght of yours! :)



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