Sunday, 15 April 2012

DimitySO Counting Petals review

Okay, I think I've worn this bra enough to be able to review it now. I've worn it as often as I could while not overwearing (I like a three day rotation, so I will wear a bra every third day). Despite one issue, I really like it. This is my first bra review, so be nice :)

Unfortunately, due to my faith and my position in my community as a youth leader and youth worker, I'm unable to post photos of myself in the bra. I'm really gutted about that because it'll make my review less useful, but I hope that what little I have to offer is better than nothing!

The DimitySO Counting Petals is a lightly padded balconette bra that comes in sizes 8-16, D-G. I got it for $20 from the Christchurch Bendon Outlet in DressSmart Hornby.

The band: I bought this bra in a 10FF (UK 32FF) because I wasn't sure if the size 8 bras I were getting were too tight or not. This bra was nice and snug when I bought it, but did up easily on the loosest hook (unlike most size 8s I buy, which I struggle to do up at the start). It is still snug and doesn't move around at all during wear. I can't tell if it's true to size or not because I only own one other size 10 bra. The band goes the whole way around the bra, including under the cups, which I definitely prefer in a bra as I find it helps it to sit more securely against my ribcage. The band has three hooks and I assume the F cup has only two, but I'd need to check.

The cups: I have been wearing an 8FF but was experiencing the tops of the cups cutting into my breasts so I sized up to a 10FF and in this bra, it fits me perfectly. The underwires end right after my breasts do, so I don't have the cup extending into my armpit, and the centre gore is (I think) quite narrow. The wires don't come up too high under my arms, a problem I often have with being only 5'1" but wearing an FF cup.

The straps: The straps are actually connected to the band so they feel nice and solidly connected. Because they're right on the edge of the cup though they have been rubbing against my armpits as I move my arms across my body. Because the bra is nice and soft without any scratchy material, I'm inclined to think I will always get this with this bra simply because the straps are wider set. It doesn't bother me much. The straps themselves are only half adjustable, which is always annoying, and are very frilly on the non-adjustable part so you wouldn't be able to hide the straps under a thin top.

The shape: I love the shape this gives me. It's an uplifted, slightly rounded shape that is only slightly more rounded than my natural shape. I can run around in this bra with no problems, though the support is nothing special. It doesn't come in a cup size big enough for that to be a problem, I think.

The print: I really, really like the print of this bra against my light skin. I don't normally like salmon or light green, but the print is more saturated (especially the green) than in the photo and suits my summer colouring more than I thought. I haven't had a problem with the print showing through anything I was wearing, but I don't wear white so I'm not sure how it does with that colour.

Verdict: You'll probably get this bra ranging in price depending on where you find it, but on the label it says NZ$50, which I think is definitely reasonable for a bra I'd happily wear on my everyday bra rotation. The padding is so light that it won't add to your size or change your shape, but it should prevent nipple show (I assume, as I don't ever remember having that problem in any bra). I recommend it as worth trying, especially if you can find it for cheap. Oh - I don't buy matching underwear ever, so you'll have to risk the knickers yourself :)


  1. I love thorough reviews like this! You also help illustrate the good point that just because you *can* hook on a bra doesn't mean that it's the right size. I found this out when I was more of a true 30 band - I was able to physically hook on some 28's I found, but the cups were distorted and the fit wasn't good at all. So it goes both ways - too-loose bands are no good, but we need to watch out for too-tight ones as well (and sometimes it can be hard to tell!).

    1. Thanks Christine :) Yeah, that's something I've been learning because one of my bras especially stretches so far around that the wires end behind my armpits xD

      I think I have a lot of experience with wearing bands that are too tight, so I guess I'll have a different angle to bra bands than a lot of bra bloggers lol


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