Sunday, 22 April 2012

DimitySO Pepper Dream Contour bra review

The DimitySO Pepper Dream Contour Bra seems to be a mix between a plunge and full cup bra that comes in sizes 8-16, D-G. I got it for $20 from the Christchurch Bendon Outlet in DressSmart Hornby. I bought the 10FF (UK32FF).

The band: This was the second of the size 10 (UK30) bras that I got, the first being the Counting Petals. From the very first day of wearing it seemed too loose, pulling out quite easily at the back and only doing up snugly on the tightest hook - always a no-no if you want your bra to be supportive for more than a month. It doesn't seem too stretchy a band, however, so I think if it were a band size down it would be stay nice and firm for quite some time. Around the sides and back it's a pretty lace over mesh, but the lace isn't scratchy at all. The band doesn't extend the whole way around the bra, and instead the underwire of the cups is unsupported, with the band connecting the centre gore only. I definitely find it's less supportive and comfortable than it would be if the band came all the way around.

The cups: The cups are lightly padded and seamless and very comfortable against the skin. The underwires sit very low on my chest and there's a full fingerwidth of empty cup between my breast tissue and the bottom of the underwires. The centre gore sits nicely between my fairly wide set boobs, but the wires extend to halfway around my sides, which I think is slightly too wide. The underwires are quite low at the sides, however, so there's no risk of being stabbed in the armpit. The top of the cups come up quite a bit, which is what makes it feel like a full cup bra and then a plunge when combined with the low centre gore. The top edges of the cups cut into my boobs a bit, so I don't think it would be a good style for someone with top-heavy boobs.

The straps: The straps are only half adjustable, with the front half being made of a very slippery material which would cause them to slide off your shoulders if straps tend to do that to you. They don't seem too wide set for my small frame. The adjuster does slip around on the back, so if you liked to have your straps quite tight I think you'd need to adjust them quite regularly.

The shape: Because it's a seamless cup, this bra would work well under t-shirts. It gives a rounded, smooth, uplifted shape. The cutting in from the top of the cups isn't dramatic enough that it would show up under tops and I can't see the space between the bottom of my boobs and the underwire, so if they aren't problems specific to me they won't affect how it looks under clothes.

The print: The Pepper Dream Contour comes in black, white, beige and the purple pictured above. I have it in the purple (called Vintage Violet) and must admit that it's a nice colour, even though I don't like purple. It looks good against my light skin but would also look good against dark skin, I think. I found that it barely showed under my one and only white t-shirt, too.

Verdict:I can't tell whether the problems of the underwires sitting low on my chest, the gap between my boobs and the underwire and the cutting in at the top of the cups are because of the size, because of the style on my particular chest or because of poor construction. If anyone has any ideas, please help me out! (I will also attempt to try on an 8FF as soon as possible.)

The reasons for the strange issues aside, I did not like this bra. If they weren't there it'd be a totally acceptable bra with only slippery, half-adjustable straps and lack of under-the-boobs band to hold it back. Because they are there, I spend my entire day feeling the underwires jut into my ribcage when I sit down, sliding the straps further up my shoulders and feeling like the bra is actually pulling my boobs down rather than supporting them. I get absolutely zero support from this bra and hope to never have to wear it again!


  1. That sounds awful! I absolutely hate when the underwire pokes into me on a bra, that is the worst. I hope you never have to wear it again!

    1. I will endeavour to find someone to give it to lol

  2. so im a 14ff bra size and this type of bra t-shirt cup and wire bra is the only type of bra that
    fits me right anyone know where i can get others like this !!


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