Friday, 8 June 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge: Summer (Snow) Wedding

Well, I signed up for the latest Petite Fashion Challenge hosted by Petite on a Penny and then totally forgot about it! The category was Summer Wedding. After laughing a lot at how terribly timed that is for my Southern Hemisphere weather, I plain forgot about it. I didn't remember until I saw my traffic stats and realised she'd included my blog on her list of people who'd done it. Whoops!

It was not too late to participate (well, it probably was, but who cares?) so I took some photos - the day after it snowed for the first time this year (waaaaaay early, too). Considering how Summer in Christchurch never gets warm enough for me anyway, I could probably wear this outfit to a summer wedding as well as a winter one, although if I was actually going to a wedding now I'd wear a million coats overtop.

A handy aspect of my wig, I've discovered, is that it functions as a beanie when I don't want to wear a hat. My shaved head does not do a good job of dealing with the cold, so I wear a hat every day. When I feel like going without, I can wear my wig instead. I actually wore it out to the town my church is in the other day (in this outfit) and so of course I met a number of people I knew and compliments all round. Hooray!

My brother made himself a chair and footrest. Do I look cold? Because I'm cold.


  1. Hi Emma! How are you doing!
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting
    I looked at your posts, you changed your hair again, god you are as bad as me;)

    Love your shaved hair, really suits you
    The wig as well looks fantastic

    Take care lovely

    Ariane xxxx

    1. Hi Ariane

      Thanks for returning the visit! Haha yeah I know, but isn't it such fun to change hairstyles?

      Thanks so much for the nice comments :)

  2. Oh, I like the wig! It's a very cute style. Wish my hair would look remotely that good on its own. ;)

    1. Haha, thank you! I worry about wearing it because I'm super conscious that it's a wig and when I look at it, I can't drop that consciousness enough to actually tell if the wig looks good or not.

      It's actually really handy to be able to "care" for my hair just by taking it off! My natural hair just requires that I detangle my rat's tail every day, so my haircare regime is easy peasy.


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